Two indias by vir das controversy explained

Vir Das is a Indian comedian who generally do english comedy show in Mumbai and foreign country. He has 625k subscriber on YouTube also. In a us tour for his comedy show he stated ” I came from that India in which in day women worshipped like goddess and gang raped in night . This statement he concluded whole India with using “We”.

Vir das two indias video

Vir das video watch at 1:11

Many people showed grace for the statement of this comedian.

Bjp statement

Bjp spokesman Aditya stated comic Veer Das viral video ” I come from 2 India’s” furiously debated on social media. It has provoked a police complaint by BJP leader. Aditya Jha spokesperson of BJP in Delhi has filed complaint with Delhi Police accusing Vir Das of belittling the country on foreign soul.

A tweet by congress leader Abhishek singhvi

Credit to twitter

He said that generalizing the evils of few individuals and vilifying a nation as a whole in front of world is not just done. The people who painted India in front of the west as a nation of Sapera and Lootera have note ceased to exist.

These kind of person create a bad image of India in front of foreigners. And this fit to create racial abusing against Indian in foreign countries. Previously the MS Word Priyanka Chopra also faced racial comment and racial remarks for being an Indian buy an American.

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