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top 10 news channel in india

 Top 10 news channel in india

1. Ndtv hindi 
2. BBc Hindi
3. Wion news
4. DD News
5. Aaj tak 
6. Abp news
7. Republic tv
8. India tv
9. Republic bhart
10 . zee news

News channel ratings

we have taken  parameters to decide rating of is Eid news channel that five parameter are.
1. Authenticity (freedom)
2. TRP
3. Yt Subscribers
4. Viwer Survey
5. Activeness (fastest access to news) 

News channel name (rating/5)

.1. Ndtv hindi (3.9/5)
2. BBc Hindi(3.7/5)
3. Wion news(3.7/5)
4. DD News (3.6/5)
5. Aaj tak  (2.4/5)
6. Abp news (2.3/5)
7. Republic tv (2.3/5)
8. India tv (2.2/5)
9. Republic bhart(1.6/5)
10 . zee news(1/5)

1. NDTV news is most authentic news channel that is known for its unbais news broadcasting all over the India. And it's also all time up to date about any breaking news and also have around 12 million YouTube subscribers and have good TRP ranking also . So NDTV news is ranked one according to all parameter. 

Most of the news channels of India are completely biased towards one political party  that is ruling party so we have provided lower rank to Indian Hindi news channels that are also named as godi media by social media users, and given good rank to ligit news providing channel. 
If you feel that we have made a mistake  in creating this list , you can comment in comment box with your views we will surely reply your comment in 24 hours,
and if you want to contact us ,then mail us at [email protected] .
Any kind of response provided by you who is the most helpful element for website we will be thankful to you for this .

Now we come to the topic,
Most of the Indian news channels have earned TRP on the topic India and Pakistan event , that is not a work of news channel new channel have to provide completely unbiased news to its viewers I have not need to promote nationalism promoting nationalism is work of Indian government. 


unemployment in India

 Unemployment in India - 

India may be the fastest growing major economy in world but that may nind little to the country's 130 crore people many of whom continue to struggle to find the right kinds of job for them .
Modi promised 2 crore job per year in 2014 campaign but failed to deliver and even though employment rate goes in negative first time in history. 
which economic crisis Modi government completely failed to introduce new employment opportunity in both government and private sector and due to privatisation of many sectors the government job opportunities are subsequently decrease day by day .

Unemployment rate in India

23.7 percent,in March 2020,
Highest science independence .

Present unemployment rate is 7 percent. 
Unemployment rate in India is one of the highest in word. 
The novel covid-19 is also a reason for this but if we see Graff closely then we find that before covid-19 introduced in India the unemployment rate was 8.8 percent .

It denotes the complete failure of Modi govt to retain jober and job places or failed to generate employment as per need . 

Unemployed rate in India 2020

11 persent

Unemployment rate in 2019

7.7 persent
Modi government approved complete failure to introducing new employment in the 2014 campaign Modi announced that they will generate around 2 crore job per year according to data till 2020 8 years after there will be around 16 crore jobs available India but it is totally negative at the place of increasing the job opportunities Modi government led to an economic crisis and number of job are decreasing day by day .

Seasonal Unemployment

Seasonal unemployment was a big concern of independent India. 
Seasonal Unemployment is a part time Unemployment , it means that for a special time period person have work to do and rest of year he have no substitutes,and he have to stay vacant. 

For an example most of the farmers in Rajasthan hello just only one crop just for not having sustainable amount of water for farming .
So I have to stay vacant invest at months of the year and he is called seasonally unemployed.

If we take a second example a brick maker have to work just only e 5 to 6 months in a year because in the time of rainy season they haven't work to do and there at the time they haven't work to do do they are called seasonally unemployed.   

Demonetisation in India

 Demonetisation In India-

Demonetisation date

8 November,2016

Demonetisation in India is announced on late night of 8th November 2016. 

Demonetisation meaning

Demonetisation is an economic process in which currency of a country  is no longer legal tender or being unuseful. A currency unit is what we would commonly refer to banknotes and coins.

Demonetisation meaning in hindi 

विमुद्रीकरण (अर्थात मुद्रा को असंवैधानिक घोषित करना) .

Demonetisation introduction

It have completed almost four years and no good effect of demonetisation in India ,have seen on our economy but the black effects of demonetisation have clearly seen the economy have polished after such decisions at demonetisation and quality GST being introduced in our system. 


Effects of demonetisation

demonetisation is proved one of the wrost work done by present Indian government that is laid by Mr Narendra Modi .
There is no positive is being seen out of demonetisation.
Demonetisation is total waste of time money and employment.people have to spend how was of their precious time in being in lines to get exchange there are notes two old one to new one . Demonetisation have provided drastic effect on our economy as economy have polished after too many experiments with our economic system by the present government. 

Demonetisation advantage and disadvantage .

There is not many if and buts if we say demonetisation have fewer advantage and many  disadvantage . As the demonetisation Moto the black money to to be captured. There is no black money captured from big fishes only the small pieces is catch them in this net and the big personality of their country that have huge amount of black money are exchange there notes without any information to anyone. 

The demonetisation only targeted MSME and middle class people that are struggled enough to the whole process of monetization and they still voting for present Indian government .
at the time demonetisation announced most of the middle class peoples and lower class peoples that are the oral strength of Indian economic system are very happy with it they think that it will take out all the black money out of that big fishes and it will be very helpful and beneficial for the country but this is just their thoughts not the 5% of this happen in real .

Rbi report on demonetisation 

RBI report on demonetisation have proved  these All things right. 

Demonetisation around the world

There are many countries in world like iran ,venezuela ,and zimbabwe that implemented demonetisation previously . But all of these are underdeveloped countries that are facing economic inflation that time and nothing good happen with them after demonetisation .
But A Country like India with huge population around 130 Billions , And having a huge economy and workforce unable to sustain drastic attack on demonetisation on developing Indian economy .
And the GDP growth rate decreased subsequently .

Demonetisation benefits

There are no benefit of demonetisation, and it is not my personal view it is proved by government records .You can see the records in many memes on social media websites.

After Demonetisation

After demonetisation Indian economy have to face a huge step back and left behind from most of the competitive countries .Economic or GDP growth rate is damaged heavily and the Modi lead govt also try to fluctuate the manner of calculating gdp. 
Their are many pros and cons of demonetisation we provided in this article. 

This article on demonetisation will be very helpful for you. 

We have provided all latest news about demonetisation.

Date of demonetisation in India

8 Nov, 2016
Time , at late night. 

Demonetization In India-

Demonetization date

8 November,2016

Demonetization in India is announced on late night of 8th November 2016. 

Demonetization meaning

Demonetization is an economic process in which currency of a country  is no longer legal tender or being unusefull. A currency unit is what we would commonly refer to banknotes and coins.

Demonetization meaning in hindi 

विमुद्रीकरण (अर्थात मुद्रा को असंवैधानिक घोषित करना) .

Petrol price hike

Petrol Price Hike In India
Petrol price hike

If you read complete article then you will get all about petrol and diesel price mechanism. 

In many areas of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh the price of petrol has accident inr 100 per litre. In many other cities it is near the range of inr 90/ litre . 

Which factors decide petrol prices

1 . In today's time the government in our country uses the dynamic pricing system to decide the price of petrol and diesel .
2 . The way crude oil prices fluctuate in the global market similarly petrol price rises fluctuate in country .

So ,you can say it is deregulated that it is to say the government is not directly controlling the price of petrol. Rather the global market is controlling what should be the price of petrol. 

By hearing this a lot of questions will come up in your mind I will answer those question letter. 
But historically it wasn't always so. 
Before 2010 the government reserve right to decide petrol prices so government have pressure to keep petrol prices down by various organisations but in 2010 Manmohan Singh government make an amendment and decided to leave petrol prices change on global market and in 2014 Modi government also make diesel prices dependent on global market .
Till 2017 the government should give a price for 15 days period and after 15 days according to global market new rate of petrol is announced. 
but by this people get known before 15 days that if is petrol price is going to increase or decrease so they by control in stock before 15 days. 
so in 2017 government decided that petrol prices are a variable that change it every day in every morning at 6 a.m. according to global market .
Many changes happened, first was that whatever small change happens in the global crude oil will impact the consumers and dealers be its profit or loss. 

So this is the story today,like you already know crude oil is the raw material for both petrol and diesel. In India about 84% petroleum products are imported. 

Global crude oil price has been going up since the last few weeks .Due to this reason prices in India are going up .
You might ask me one question here if the petrol price depend on the price of crude oil then when crude oil prices slipped into negative, why didn't the price of petrol fall down for us?

If you ask me this then it is quite a good question,
because in reality the government keeps saying again and again that all of its is regulated And everything depends on global crude oil prices .
But in reality, the government controls these prices through taxation. 
when prices slip into negative for crude oil then the government increase its taxes.

 Recently the government has increased the central excise duty by INR 13 per litre and INR 16 for litre on petrol and diesel respectively .

Many states have also increased the VAT (value added tax) on them. So this is a type of one sided regulation by government. 
When crude oil prices go up then for you petrol prices go up and you pay more . But when crude oil prices come down the government increased the taxation and you have to pay more again .

Foreign example ,we consider the  price of petrol in Delhi, on February 16th you're paying INR 89.29/litre now out of this the best price is inr 31/ litre approximately. 
The central government text I excise duty  is even higher than the base price at INR 32/litre .

The taxes by State government VAT stands at around INR 20/litre. 
after this if you include freight charges and dealer commission the price would reach around INR  89.29/litre. 
Delhi respectively still have a lower price if you compare other cities .in many areas of many cities this price have crossed the INR 100 liter because state governments are charging more in taxes .

If you want to understand their break down then you can look at table on home page  and know how much tax is charged in which state and how it is calculated. 

If you compare from before most state governments have not increased the text that much. They have increased around 5 to 10 per litre. 

But the biggest fault is of the central government who have increased their texts by INR 13 to 15 per litre within a year .

In the beginning of 2020 the central government excise duty was just INR 20 per litre. In today's time it is about to touch INR 33 litre .
that is to say the central government have increased text by INR 13 per litre on petrol within a year . and if you compare this number from 2014 then this text cause to be INR 10-11 /litre in 2014.
When the Modi government came to power with his promise that they would and the exploitation in the name of petrol diesel prices .
seven years after coming to power they have increased the tax on petrol and diesel three times .
it means the petrol and diesel price  exchange are increased by 3 times. 

More taxes than 3 times .

From INR 11 per litre it is about to touch INR 33 per litre .
what is surprising is that a Modi even today even after remaining in power for 7 years blames Congress petrol price goes up.

They says that petrol price rising in congress fault and you are paying so much for petrol. 
If you compare the price of petrol with the rest of the world then you will get to know how expensive they are in India. 
but it is not even the case that India is the place where petrol it most expensive .there are many other countries where petrol is must dearer than at Japan where  is at INR 94 per litre .
there are many other countries where petrol is must wear such as Japan where it is inr 94 per litre. 
South Korea INR 96 per litre Germany INR 119 per litre France INR 126 per litre and Hong Kong where it is most expensive it is inr 173 per litre .
But remember one thing friends that in all these developed countries the salary of people is much more as well 
In Germany on an average an individual as INR 223 lakh per month end in India a common individual and INR 20-30k per month. 

In Germany people have an average income 10 times of India so people have that kind of purchasing power as well. 
but you are there only going a little bit more  around 10% for petrol. 
So if you look at this through this logic then in India people are paying 10 times more as per their income. 

One question still remains to be answered why crude oil prices going up since the last few months?

The answer to this question is quite simple basic economics says that whenever the demand for something goes up for the supply of it falls then its price will go up .
When the demand falls and supply increases then its price will go down. 

The same thing is happening with crude oil when the lockdown was imposed in entire world due to covid-19 the demand for oil went down because aeroplanes were not flying,and vehicles are not plying on the roads because the demand fell down and supply remained the same before the price lived into negative .
now as more people are getting vaccinated and lockdown is eating out the economy is coming back on track the demand is going up. 
This is the reason price of crude oil is going up. 

Many oil producing countries have a group as well known as opaque which also control things from the supply side as well. 
I have explained the entire mechanism in this blog. 
you can understand in detail you can find the link on our homepage .

In many areas of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh the price of petrol has accident inr 100 per litre. In many other cities it is near the range of inr 90/ litre .

But you need not panic ,this is not bad news, in fact it is good news

Because acche din a gaye hain😂😂. if this would have happened before 2014 then it could have called it a bad news. Then you could have said that it's put a lot of pressure on common man ,Prices have increased a lot' . But after 2014 this is deemed as a nationalist decision .rising petrol price means that more of your money is going to the government and you are building the nation😂😂😂 .

That's is to say that more of your money will be used to build the nation😂.

widen your chest and say it with pride that I am buying INR hundred per litre petrol for the sake of nation building.