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India beats China and USA in digital transaction's

 India is ahead of China.

Digital payments:-  India beats China-US others in 2020, leads the global tally with this many transactions. 

Why a huge increase happened in online payment option.

This major change just happened because of lockdown in India and one another reason is, There are so many payment platforms for online payment, are available and they promote themselves in front of people to use that platforms, by showing major benefits in term of cashback measure discount and easy transaction process.


Advertisement of Digital payments app's and easy to use UPI payment option, that only requires one pin for payment promote people to use their programs and platforms.

Digital payments provide you irresistible, seductive, cashback and also provide an easy to use process, so people generally get addicted to these apps and dependent on these apps for every small transaction. 

This is the actual reason why India is ahead of China and the US in the matter of digital transaction for online transactions.


The CEO of Niti Aayog Amitabh Kant

"Digital payments in India has failed to 25.5 billion real-time online transactions in 2020. digital transactions in India has surpassed that of China which accounted for 15.7 billion transactions in 2020".

Why India Toped

But if you understand here we are talking about the numbers of transactions we are not talking about how much amount of money have transacted between the accounts, but if we talk about the value of the amount that has been transacted then definitely China and Us are far ahead from India. 

Raghuram Rajan "what the rise of digital payments mean for Central banks"

There will be a huge increase in the responsibility of Central banks. 

When we are talking about digital payments, and India is the topmost country in the matter of numbers of digital payments made in 2020 even though China's population is higher than India and assess of smartphones and the internet is also far ahead in China when we compared to India.

After all of that, we have beaten China in term of numbers of transactions it's a huge achievement and it also denotes that groundwork ok of digital payments is really high and India is going towards the dream 2020 e of Abdul Kalam.


If you think from where we get that data, then I have to tell you that all the data vs on this blog we get from the AC worldwide index that has declared the number of digital transactions of top 10 countries. 

ACI worldwide have ranked top 10 countries in the matter of real-time digital transactions you can understand what is the meaning of real-time, real-time denotes the completed transactions. 

What is ACI worldwide?

India's largest bank with more than 440 million account holders seamlessly updated and expanded its payment switching system using ACI's retail payments technology to meet its requirement of processing more than 30 million daily transactions.
Not only SBI embarked on an initiative to modernize its transaction processing technology, increased silence and ensure future scalability it has also implemented enterprise fraud prevention with ACI's fraud management solution for debit cards, mobile banking, internet banking, prepaid UPI payments - at an enormous scale rarely seen globally. 
ACI also has contracted to upgrade lacs of ATM of SBI that are present in India.

You can easily understand that it is not a small company or platform.

Data provided by ACI worldwide 

According to ACI worldwide there are 25.478 billion digital transactions happened in India in 2020.

The number of real-time digital transactions in other countries.
In millions
1. India ------ 25478
2. China ------ 15741
3. South Korea ------ 6015
4. Thailand ------ 5241
5. U K ------ 2827
6. Nigeria ------ 1911
7. Japan ------ 1676
8. Brazil ------ 1330
9. U.S. ------ 1219

10.Mexico ------ 942

What are the important factors for the huge increase in digital payments in India? 
real-time payment has gained significant traction since 2014 word on by the government payments modernization initiatives to provide financial inclusion to the unbanked and empower digital payments transformation by moving to a less reliant economy in 2014 the government-issued unique biometric identification numbers to 99% of adults in a blink the opening of no minimum balance bank accounts in 2016 the government demonetised 86% of the cash circulation comparing the two electronic payments and motivating citizens to open a bank account as a result by 2017 80% of Indian adults reported having a bank account up from just 53% in 2014. 
If we compare the number from other countries then 25% of us households are either unbanked or Banked.
the transaction volume share for instant payments India among real-time transaction was 15.6% and 20 2.9 % for other electronic payments in 2020 according to a report by the payment system company SBI worldwide importantly paper-based payments continued to have a considerable share of 61.4% in India. 
According to a report, digital payments in India have to grow up to 71.7 % of all payment transactions by 2025.
From this corruption in India definitely decrease, black money in the country also will decrease, and the government would also have all the data where people are using money. 

Pakistan does U-turn on lifting ban over Indian imports

 Pakistan does U-turn on lifting ban over Indian imports

The coronavirus pandemic has battered economics around the globe . Countries are struggling to get back on their feetbut Pakistani choosing politics over its economic the country has made a U-turn on resuming trade ties with India so let's throw some light on why the was abruptly rivers Pakistan had unilaterally suspended trade with India in August of 2019 and this after New Delhi trapped the special status for Jammu and Kashmir after nearly two years Pakistan planned on lifting a ban on imports of Indian sugar in cotton is step towards reviving the suspended trade between the two neighbours India is the world's biggest producer of cotton and the second biggest sugar producer as wale importing cotton and sugar would have helped Pakistan there is a massive shortage or raw material in Pakistan's textile sector as for sugar the decision was influenced by high domestic prices we on has assessed the documents that no of prime ministers approval for the import the decision was made by the economic coordination committee for ACC of the cabinet with Imran Khan being the minister in charge for commerce so it was clearly labelled with the prime minister's approval but the cabinet and a projecting panels decision overturning something that came with Imran Khan's approval in the first place now according to sources women rights minister Kiran mazari interior minister Sheikh Rasheed and foreign minister Mahmood Qureshi have opposed this proposal by the the e cc.

This is a major blow for the Imran Khan government especially at the time when imports could have helped the Pakistan economy while there is no official word on the development the sudden flip-flop may and up being very costly for Pakistan . inbaisnews is now available in your country  add site on home screen now .

The decision of continuing the trade relations with India might be the best resurgence for both the economy and specially for Pakistan the ceasefire on LOC is also proven very good for both the country and now both the countries are peacefully following the ceasefire decision. 

If you want to read more about their relations you go to your homepage and read out article named Akhand Bharat my vision by reading this article you get all about Indo Pak relations and all other things that are menu plated between both these country. 

Foreign relations of India

Foreign relation of India India


 The republic of India is the world's most populous electoral democracy and one of the fastest growing economy in the world. It is India's growing international influence that increasingly give it a more prominent voice in global affairs .

India has a long history of collaboration with several countries and is considered a leader of developing countries world. India is the one of the founding members of successful international organisation .

Most notably and most important is the the United nation's the non aligned movement, Asian development Bank , G20 industrial Nations. India also play and important and definable role in other international organisation like east asia summit, World Trade Organisation ,International Monetary Fund that is also called IMF .   India is currently seeking a permanent seat in UN security council along with the G4 national that are called Brazil ,Germany India and Japan . India is a part of regional organisation alike SAARC and BIMSTEC .INDIA IS ALSO THE SECOND LARGEST CONTRIBUTOR WITH 6608 PERSONNEL DEPLOYED IN 9 OUT OF 14 ACTIVE UN PEACEKEEPING MISSIONS .

History of India's diplomatic relation after independence ,

even before independence the government of British India maintained semi-autonomous diplomatic relations . it send and receive full diplomatic missions and was a founder member of both the league of lessons and the United Nations. After India successfully gained independence from British government in 1947 it as soon as joint the commonwealth of Nations and strongly supported independence movements in other colonies of British  and Germany. India also supported freedom movement of Indonesian national revolution. 

During the cold war India adopted foreign policy of non aligned movement with some developing Nations like Brazil and South Africa and didn't keep itself with any major bloc. However due to some Needs India developed closed eyes with the Soviet Union and received extensive military support from it. 
The end of cold war significantly affected India's foreign policy as it did for much of the world the country now try to strengthen it's diplomatic and economic ties with the United State the people's Republic of China, the European Union, Japan ,Israel ,Mexico ,and Brazil , India has also get closed eyes with the member states of Asian African Union the Arab League and the Iran . India continues to have a military relationship with Russia Israel has emerged as India's second largest military partner while India has built a strong strategic partnership with a country  of their convergence of views on a range of international issues apart from a close and growing bilateral relationship with the United States .
The Indo us civilian nuclear agreement signed and implemented in 2008 in Manmohan Singh government highlighted the growing relationship of Indo American relations . India's foreign policy has always regarded the concept of neighbourhood first as one of the winding constant circles around a central axis of left historical and cultural community that guiding principle of India's foreign policy have been founded on panchsheel, pragmatism and pursuit of national interest in a period of rapid And counting change and policy must be capable of responding to new challenges and opportunities . It must be an integral part of a larger effort of building the lessons capabilities through economic development strengthening in social fabric and well-being of people and protecting India's sovereignty and territorial integrity . India's foreign policy is a forward-looking judgement with the rest of the world based on a rigorous, realistic and contemporary assessment of of the bilateral regional and global jio political and economic miliu you as many as 31 million as on 2018 role of indian foreign policy has been to ensure their welfare and wellbeing within the framework of the laws of country where the live .

Just for reading .

Till 2000 India is the one of the most dominating country in Indo Pacific region but after 2000 China's economic growth rate new head of Indian GDP growth rate and suddenly China came into the picture and from domination of South China sea China slowly coming towards Indo Pacific region the mouthpiece of Chinese government that is global times never post or right word like Indo Pacific region they always use Asia Pacific region .even us and other Western countries also called this reason indo-pacific region but due to some reasons of China's personal beneficiaries and ego dominance in whose reason did not make China except the Indian dominance in Indian ocean .
China never speak  the term Indo Pacific Ocean at any international meetings or never include the word indo-pacific region in any report aur legal procedure at United national .