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UPSC 2021-2022 CURRENT AFFAIRS (Part-1)

Human capital index 

1.released by world bank 

2. India's rank 116 out of 174 countries ( in 2018 it was 115 out of 157 countries)

Tech for Tribal 

1 Micro small-medium enterprises will provide technology to tribal people for increasing their productivity and services 


3 It is under PMVDY (Pradhan Mantri van Dhan yojana)

 Pardhanmantri van dhan yojana

MOTA ( Ministry of tribal affairs) implementing agency 

TRIFED Nodal agency at national level 

and at the state level, State nodal agency 

at the district level DM


A-WEB (Association of world election body )

The largest association of EMBs with 111 nation and 21 international organization

chairperson - Election commission of India  

Mission - To identify the latest trends 

and to facilitate the appropriate exchange of experience 

Permanent secretariat - Seoul (South Korea)

Sulfur dioxide pollution

India is the world largest emitter of SO2 according to CERA ( Center for research on energy and clean air )

generated through - fossil burning and volcanic activity 

it is a colorless, bad-smelling, and toxic gas

AMPHEX -21 NAVY EXERCISE held in A&N island with Indian Army and Indian Airforce.

The first hydroelectric power station of ASIA at Shivanasamudra falls on the Cauvery river in Karnataka.


Capacity building program for civil servant 

2 OBJ- 1 rule-based to role-based

2 domain training 

Special purpose vehicle is implementing agency ( 100% govt. owned )

PM WANI : India's new public WIFI project 

scheme of the department of telecommunication 

 Aim - To further push internet adoption in the rural area 

public data office will be registered at Kirana Store.



 Habitat -endemic to the western ghat  

IUCN status - endangered 

Exist 70 million yr ago with Dinosaur 

Recently State govt. of Kerala propose to make it official amphibian of State



IUCN STATUS -Vulnerable

only found in freshwater.

Habitat - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh


the first hour of every parliamentary sitting

it was in news because of covid 19 the monsoon session is suspended in parliament.


IUCN STATUS - vulnerable 

it was in the news because Chilka lake authority designated her to an ambassador of Chilka lake

CITES -2 appendix

 schedule first of WPA 1972 

 in 2012 WB govt. officially declared the fishing cat as the state animal 

BLUE FLAG CERTIFICATION Provided by Norway for the following criteria 

- environment sustainable tourism 

- sustainable boating tourism 

- cleanliness water

Given by non profit  foundation for environment education Denmark based education foundation. 

 33 criteria out of which 4 are major

 1. Bathing  water quality

2. Environment management and conservation

4. Services in the beaches

●padubidri and kasarkod beach got

 blue flecks certificate recently

■ Swarna Jayanti fellowship scheme

 Department of Science and Technology

 21 scientists selected for this fellowship program commemorate India's 50th independence anniversary

 special assistant and support to the selected number of young scientists 

no institute specific

 funded by science engineering research board (SERB) as per norms


- earthquake Magnitude of 7.0 strikes aegean  sea shacking Turkey and Greece


- Me property amendment and validations act 2017 included legal higher and successor of enemy property (will not allow to them.)

 - enemy property for India in CEPI under central government (prohibit civil court).

■Liquidity trap (K-shape)

- IMF economist gita gopinath stated that the global economy may be heading toward a liquidity trap

- interest rate are very low and saving that are high.




3. North West PROVENCE 


- Recently it was in news because Pakistan gifted shakshgam valley to China.

 - It is part of northern Pakistan and controlled by the Pakistan government and under Karachi agreement 1949. 

- According to2009 legislative assembly and council both exist here but this order was replaced by order of 2018

■Daimer bhasa dam (On indus river)

-between kohistan district of khyber pakhtunkhura and daimer district in gilgit Baltistan.

■ The ministry of youth affairs and sports had recently included 1. Gatka

                                   2. Kalaripayattu

                                   3. Thang-Ta

                                   4. Mallakhamba

In khelo India youth game 2020

Re-invest-2020(3rd global summit)

- Industry of new and renewable energy   

-investment in renewable energy 

-PM inogreated it

- theme- innovation for sustainable transition and

- target change from 175 gw in 2020 to 450 gigawatt in 2030.



- BCCI granted paternity leave to virat kohli . It is basically kind of paid leave.In addition, Zomato provides 26 week leave to father.

- Maternity benefit (Amendment Act)-2017 provide 26 week leave to mother on 1st child birth and 12 week for 2nd and 3rd child.


 Year 2021 is 100th year anniversary of Malabar uprising .

poor labourers,  fishery-man and shopkeepers ,religious figures took part in it  . Basically it is a kind of Jamindari revolt change in communal REVOLT. On 18 fab 1921 all the prominent khilafat and Congress leader yakub hassan, U. gopala menon ,P. Moideen koya and K. Madhava Nair were arrested. 


■6000 dancer performed mohiniyatyam for Guinness record in thrissur (Kerala).

It is a feminine dance of vishnu consist of 24 hand gesture mentioned in (hastalakashana deepika).

Dance reference is taken from Vyovaharamala Ghoshayatra.

■Lymphatic filariasis (Elephantiasis) declared as neglected tropical disease in which tissue swelling kind of activities take place.


• Kerala plans to set up in Mahatma Gandhi Smriti Museum at payyanur Kerala.  it is also known as second Bardoli Satyagraha. here Simon Commission took place in 1928 and Salt Satyagraha in 1930 under the leadership of Kerala Gandhi (K Kelapan ) Kozhikodi to Payyanur . 33 Satyagrahi started anti untouchability movement. 


• davos dialogue : world economic form why in news recently the Prime Minister address the world economic forum Davos dialogue by video conferencing. 

 the WEF Annual meeting in davos Switzerland engage the world's top leaders to save Global regional and industries agendas. 

 some major reports published by WPF are energy transition index, Global competitiveness report Global gender gap, Global risk report, Global travel and tourism report. 

• cut copy paste mechanism -

locate the specific area

 cut it out 

replace it with a new and correct sequence that no longer causes the problem. 

 it can potentially eliminate genetic and other digit multiply agriculture production correct the format is and even open up the more content CSS possibilities of producing designer babies and bringing cosmetic perfection. 

Seagrasses are flowering plant that grows in shallow and marine water like bays and Lagoon found in the many part of the word , from the tropic to the Arctic Circle.  recently scientists have claimed that protection and restoration of grasses can play a significant role in mitigation climate change. They have roots stems and leaves and produce flowers and seeds.  Restoration of seagrasses has been taken up by the Tamil Nadu forest department in the Gulf of Mannar.  Threat to seagrasses include human disturbance and natural disturbances. 

• academic freedom index

 index try to quantify the freedom of University  and scholar to debate politically and culturally controversial topic without fear for their safety or studies and without any external influence on the Institutions affairs based on the combination of actual data and the assessments of 1800 academicians world wide.  it is the result of a collaborative effort between researchers at FAU and the V Dem.  India has  scored  low in international academic freedom index with a score of 0.352 which is closely followed by Saudi Arabia and Libya. 

● organization of petroleum exporting country  4th high level meeting held in which India took participation via video conferencing.

 Objective of this conference is to coordinate unify petroleum policies and to secure fair and stable price.

 it was established by Baghdad conference in 1960 and OPEC member country are Iran Iraq Kuwait Saudi Arabia Venezuela .

ASEAN PREMIUM  -Extra charge over oil in ASia.


●G-20 : PM calls for a new global index in over transparency post pandemic world.

- 85%  of total gdp.

-80% international trade

- 65% of world population. 

 First time leaders meeting with FM

 Global index is based on 

talent poll



Sprit of trustful

● A Himalayan serow - The at Eastern central and Western himalyas

IUCN status - vulnerable 

 Add it's comes under schedule 1st of wildlife protection act 1972. 

●Dara shikoh - transfered the bhagwat gita into Persian.

 The was oldest son of Shahjhan and killed by Orangzeb in battle of samugarh.

Wrote - majma-ul-bahrain.

 It was in news because the ministry of culture recently set up a 7 member panel of archaeological survey of India to locate the grave of the mughal Prince Dara shikoh.

● Russia pulled out from free sky treaty that was signed in 1992 and come into effect in 2002 .

India and China are not the member of risky treaty.

● Article 131 of Indian prostitution Bad deals with original and exclusive jurisdictions of Supreme Court .

 no Private or individual can appeal under this

 It was in news because kerala government has envoked to citizenship amendment act in Supreme Court. 

Supreme Court invoked article 142 to order to formed the trust for ram temple.

and this article deal with complete justice of Supreme Court. 

●Grand Ethiopian Renaissance dam  It's conflict between Egypt and Ethiopia. 

 US has stepped in to mediate this conflict. 

● Adaptation gap report 2020 Released by UNEP United Nations environment program this report estimates the annual cost of adaptation To the effect of climate change for developing country Read list quadruple by 2050.

● Export promotion council for technical textile

 Launched by ministry of textile to constitute

 dedicated export promotion council for technical textile for 4 year.

 It's Aim is to taking domestic market size to USD 40 billion to USD 50 billion by 2024.

●Agatti island i.e 459km from Kozhikodi Kerala. 

- National green tribunus has granted an interim stay on falling of coconut trees on agatti island.

● pokkali rice( GI tag from kerala)

 Farmers of Bengal are experimenting with the pokkali variety of rice in sundarbans Contains lowest carbohydrate.

 Doctors also suggest it to as lower sugar diet. 

●Parivar pahchan patra  launched by Haryana (Called PPP)

Unique identity  card 

To 54 lakh family 

For families not for individuals 

8 digit no. 

Girls name transferred after marriage 

●MADHAVPUR Mela-  8 Northeastern state are visiting porbandar Gujarat to take participation in   Month of April on ramnavmi.

Please related to mismi tribe of assam because  lord Krishna married to rukmini and she belong to Miami tribe.

●NATRAJA (shiv and parvati)


Fire (left hand)

Drum (sound)

Abhay mudra (path of salvation)


In Kamekhya temple  (one of the 51 saktipith)

At nilachal hills.

●47th G7 summit 

 United Kingdom invited India and Australia PM as guest to attend the 47th G7 summit held in June 2021 on  Request of France and Italy .

G7 Countries are Canada Italy France Germany Japan UK US.

● Indian ocean commission was established in 1984.  India becomes its 5th observer But India is the not a member of IOC.

 Indian ocean commission consist of Madagascar, reunion,  Comoros,  Mauritius, Seychelles. 

It is also known as Victoria agreement.

Jawaharlal Nehru

    Jawaharlal  Nehru

• Special achievement: Honored as first prime minister of independent india

• Age                                 : 74 Years at the time of death

• Profession                   : politician, freedom fighter, Barrister

• Net worth                    : Unknown

• Date of Birth              : 14 Nov, 1889

• Place of Birth             : Allahabad, North western provincesq

• Height                          : 1.78 M

• Suppose                       : Kamala Nehru

• Cause of death          : Heart Attack

• Parents                        : Motilal Nehru, Swarup Rani Nehru

• Siblings                         : Vijaya Lakshmi, Krishna Hutheesing

• Country                         : British India, India

• Permanent Address  : Allahabad, India

• Schooling of                 : Educated at home by private governessess

• College/graduation    : Trinity College


What is the age of Jawaharlal Nehru at the time of death ?

74 Years at the time of death, Jawaharlal Nehru was 74 year old at the time of death. (14 NOV,1989 to 27 MAY,1964)

What is the profession of Jawaharlal Nehru ?

What is the net worth of Jawaharlal Nehru ?

What is  place of birth of Jawaharlal Nehru ?

What is the height of Jawaharlal Nehru ?

Who is the parents of Jawaharlal Nehru ?

What is the country of Jawaharlal Nehru ?

Who is the siblings of Jawaharlal Nehru ?

What is the permanent address of Jawaharlal Nehru ?

From where Jawaharlal Nehru did his schooling?

From where Jawaharlal Nehru completed his graduation?

What is the early income of Jawaharlal Nehru ?

What is the special achievements of Jawaharlal Nehru ?

Russia or America


In the meantime this is on-off relationship between Washington and Moscow and it is a problem for Delhi a dilemma. Russia is India's biggest defence partner and America is a key partner in the indo-pacific so far . 

So far, India has carefully built an independent relationship with both these countries but as a friction between the kremlin and The White House , increases India tension .India is walking a diplomatic tightrope. This Article explains about a cold war Ally and an indo-pacific partner, one has been a critical source of military equipment the other is crucial for safeguarding strategic interest in maintaining  partnership. 

India has been careful not to damage the other it has enjoyed an independent relationship with both Moscow and Washington. This has been the state of play for serval years but the US Russia acrimony is entering in New phase.

There is a new President is in the White House he is trying to distinguish himself from his predecessor and asset America's place in the the world . Words have been playing like missiles .

You know Vladimir Putin, you think he is a killer, I also do.  I remember in my childhood when we argued in the Courtyard we used to say it takes one to know one .

In this growing friction between the two superpowers India faces the real test which way will it tilt .

So far, New Delhi has successfully struck a balance, in February India's foreign secretary travel to Moscow for a two-day visit, in March us defence secretary Lloyd Austin visited India and now the US climate envoy John Kerry is in New Delhi  and so is, Russian foreign minister Sergey lavrov.

 India is actively engaged with both country  but one bargain hangs above India US ties, like The sword of the Damocles , the s400 deal  .

New Delhi decision to purchase anti aircraft missile system from Russia has raised the risk of us sanctions. America has imposed sanctions and on Turkey for a similar deal with Russia.

 The delivery in India is due from December and the Pentagon/Whitehouse has not indicated that it won't impose sanctions on India .

On the other hand  biggest worry is India's growing security.

 Ties with the United States, prime minister Modi attended the first ever quad summit last month .

There are signs of discomfort have surfaced at the Kremlin Russia along with China , proposing a new regional equity block aimed at accounting any us-led block.

 It already seems to be laying the groundwork.

 Lavrov will be  visiting Islamabad after India visit this will be the first such visit by a Russian foreign minister in nine years . So the challenge before India is quite complex, it comes at a crucial time right across the Himalayas the Chinese still pose a significant threat to India's security.  New Delhi will have to choose wisely will have to ask serious questions about American reliability , in the face of this potent threat.  and align its approach in the indo-pacific in a way that does not damage the daily Moscow dynamic as the stacks go higher the balancing act will only be come together for India buro report ibais

What is India's vaccine strategy

What is India's vaccine strategy

 Let's talk about about India . Now  country has recorded 72335 new cases of the Wuhan virus in just the last 24 hours."72335 in a day" The numbers are pointing at a second wave of Wuhan  virus.  How does India plan to tide over it. 

You can say India has vaccines, and you are right India does have vaccines but the question is, does India have a full proof vaccine strategy? India is the world's largest vaccine maker. It is also currently driving the world's largest vaccination campaign . Vaccines have received regulatory approval within the country  Oxford astros and serum institute of India's Kovi shield and to Bharat biotech for exchange these are the two vaccines being administered in India.

What is India's vaccine strategy

  Now India has exported almost seven 64.4 million doses of vaccine these were given as gifts or donations, sold to some countries or given as part of India commitment . That's the global vaccine alliance so 64.6 million for the rest of the world.  How many for Indians 65.12 million have been used at home till date. India's vaccination program began on the 16th of January . Health care and sanitation workers were the first to be inoculated . The second phase included senior citizens and today the third page begin with all citizens who are above 45 years of age  or older getting the dose .

Now as we speak over 65.12  million people have been inoculated in India 9.33 million people have received both the doses ,55.7 billion have received a single does India's plan is to inoculate 250 million people by July . The numbers look impressive but are they good enough.  Consider this is India is a young country India's average age is 26.8 at the half of India's population is below 26.8 years of age, but these people do not qualify for inoculation in India . In Other words more than half of the world's second most populous country e does not meet the criteria for receiving life saving drugs . w

What is the logic ? Initially it was believed that young people are less vulnerable from deadly Wuhan virus virus.  That has been proven to be untrue especially with the young people are being infected as young people are losing their lives the virus does not discriminate based on demography.

 What's India's vaccine strategy ?Clearly does it has discounted young people with comorbidities  .  youngsters who are fighting cancer for instance or other life-threatening illnesses and young people in high risk category with problems like high blood pressure diabetes obesity  they are not getting the vaccine either.  A survey conducted by an online platform called a Inbais ( name changed) found that 75% of Indian citizens are in favour of the government opening the  vaccination pogram for all citizens above the age of 18 where is the park of giving the words pharmacy  in India is post to restrict its own vaccination program where is the advantage of being the world's vaccine  manufacturing hub .India cannot inoculate its own currently only 25.3 of India's population is eligible for vaccination age group 45 or above next up for just 34.5 million people we have a total population of 1.36 billion 34.5 million can get the Jab(doses) that's just how does India plan to fight the virus resurgence with nearly 75% of its population still at risk with school children still at risk with a population that travels goes to work and socialize as the most still not vaccinated this we say is not the best strategy to achieve herd immunity India must expand its vaccination program and so immediately many countries already have the United States for example has open vaccination for all adults with morbidity and those above 18 working in public facing jobs the United Kingdom in ocular teaching the earth above 16 who are in high risk groups in the United Arab Emirates everyone above the age of 16 is eligible for vaccination China to is vaccinating people above 18 years of age same with Canada and Israel what is stopping India India must realise that its young workforce is its backbone strength it's not wise to this age group by d9 it life-saving vaccines it's not trying to punish this group for not being old enough to receive the jobs it's time for India to rethink its vaccine strategy thank you .

Delhi Govt vs Lg issue | GNCTD Bill | Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi Govt vs Lg issue | GNCTD Bill | Arvind Kejriwal

 Imagine that I tell you that I am changing the definition of the word "government" , from today "government" will have a new definition. "Government" would not mean Those politicians elected by you. From today "government" would Mean our friend X


You heard that write an individual whose name is X whom no one voted for ,who never ran for an election, from today he will be your government .

You may vote for your party to be in powerbut you do not make any difference because in reality the government will be only X. It isn't too weird , but in reality something similar is happening in Delhi

On 15 march GNCTD Bill is passed by loksabha , and it also passed by lower house priviously . As we all know every bill passed by both houses is called a amendment .

The government of national capital territory of Delhi  GNCTD amendment Bill 2021 was passed in Lok Sabha on 15th March and rajyasabha on 24th March. what is in this new amendment Bill ?basically contains the power distribution between the Delhi government and the lieutenant governor of Delhi. Whose  power does law  increase and does it reduce you might have guessed it very easily . The AAM Aadmi party and other opposition party have sprayed it that the bill is a murder of democracy.

 Where the BJP minister of state for home affairs, G Kishan Reddy said that this will not have anything  Undemocratic . It tries to solve the problem of power distribution between the Delhi government and the LG let's see what this will exactly entails .

this bill is over five pages and the top two lines of second page are the most important government refer to any law made by the legislative assembly the lieutenant governor LG I explained what it means at the beginning of this blog they are changing the definition of the word government they are saying that the word government in now in the LG of Delhi not the elected government of Delhi a little below in IV point is mentioned that the Delhi government sorry can't tell them Delhi government because the technical definition of Delhi government is now the LG I will have to call them LG those politicians whom you have voted to be in power I will address them as the legislative assembly the legislative assembly cannot make any separate use the concerns day-to-day administration this means that the day to day administrative assistant on governance cannot be taken by elected politicians . For example odd even rule by Kejriwal or doorstep delivery decisions in Delhi cannot be taken .

Additionally it is  also mentioned in the bill that any executive actions on "certain matters "mandatorily requires the opinions of the LG to be considered. 

What are "certain matters"?

It is to be decided and specified by the LG himself. 

Overall you see that power is concentrated in the hands of LG, it is now more powerful than the chief minister of Delhi.

Interestingly LG is a post for which there are no elections conducted, in the state elections of Delhi chief minister is elected not the LG , the LG is selected by the central government this is this is the why LG often called the puppet of Central government . 

This is exactly the reason why many people blame the Modi government claiming that they passed this bill so that it they can rule over Delhi indirectly through LG. Last few elections BJP have lost badly in Delhi many people believe that BJP is trying to take revenge by making sure that even though they didn't win the election they could still be in power indirectly by passing such law.But some people will argue that Delhi is a state or union territory that had complicated governance ever since the beginning. let's get into the history of it. In 1952 Delhi become a state . First assembly elections for conducted and Congress won the election Chaudhary Brahm Prakash Yadav become the first chief minister of Delhi . In 1956 the states recognition act was passed ,because of Delhi lost its statehood and become a union territory after this for many years it remained the same until 1991. In 1991 the Congress government passed 69th constitutional amendment act and Delhi was given a special status .Union Territory of Delhi became the national capital territory of Delhi. It was declared that there will be a lieutenant governor and a legislative assembly elected by the people and a council of ministers . The elected government will be able to make laws on every matter included in the state list and concurrent list except in three cases land ,police and public order . The next assembly elections in 1993 and was won by BJP the new chief minister was Madan Lal Khurana election were laid by this government came and went and things remained stable till 2014 .  Before 2014 no one had heard of name of lieutenant governor . Very few people knew that, who was the LG and what did he do service years before 2014 BJP Madan Lal Khurana and atal Bihari Vajpayee demanded full statehood for Delhi in 2014 Lok Sabha elections manifesto , BJP had clearly promise in writing that they want full statehood of Delhi Congress leader Sheila Dikshit was Delhi chief minister then and see to demanded full statehood for Delhi in 2014 aam Aadmi party also run in the elections and their manifested who that the promise of full statehood for Delhi it goes to show that All three parties BJP Congress and AAP demanded full statehood for Delhi in their manifesto .

The challenge facing Joe Biden at the US-Mexico border

 What is happening at  US Maxico border

This week we are focused on the us Mexico border and a test of whether Joy Biden can match his world with actions what do you do with an unaccompanied child that comes to the border do you repeat what trump did. Take them from their mothers to move them away hold them in cells etc.

Do you us Mexico border is the most active international border in aspect of migrants arrival .

Joe Biden added"we are not doing that since Joe Biden become president tens of thousands of people have arrived at US border. 

Most have been turned back but in a change of Donald Trump's policy unaccompanied children are now not turned back, children that are unaccompanied have provided all the basic facilities in public house, children packed into confined areas surrounded by screens and republicans are blaming the president. This process is created by the president policies of this new administration there's no other way to claim it .Then abandon border cases they are hoping nobody see the tragic human cost of their failure to which the burden administration sage this is on Donald Trump.

President Trump dismantled the orderly humane and efficient way of allowing children to make their claims under United States law in their home countries , dismantled the central American - program so we are rebuilding those orderly and safe processes as quickly as possible now Joy Biden has put vice president camera Harry is in charge of this and see acknowledge there's a lot of work to be done we have been in office less than hundred days we are addressing it we are dealing with it but it's going and take the sometime and are we first stated are you first started yes we are in first lesson for Kamala Harris frustration for republicans frustration all around but where does responsibility lie for his criticism of Donald Trump as president Biden actually made the situation rose and does he need to acknowledge this is a problem with no obvious solution we let's work through it starting with the numbers here is the us-mexico border its more than 3000 kilometre long is the most frequently crossed international border in the world this graphics shows the number of encounters with us border patrol 2017 .

you will see a peak in 2019 then a staff fall then a rise again in 2020 so before Joy by then took office and we should not for this time of year March 2021 is higher than the three previous years also look at this the number of unaccompanied children is rising now, that started under President Trump but it's increase more rapidly under president Joe Biden and we all know where the migrants are coming from some are from Mexico others from Guatemala Honduras and Nicaragua and at the heart of their stories and of this issue for the White House is why they are heading to the US why they are coming to the US which thing they get in US this is one reason , that is is like that hurricane that comes in November and after mass of that Hurricane all places and sources of livelihood are destroy completely in coastal area. so people in the search of food in the search of job and in the search of better livelihood option and accessibility to all services that comes towards US for a better life.


One more reason to migrants is there the pandemic it's disrupted everything it's created reasons to leave and reasons to delay journeys both in part explain the current search on the border and in drug cartels violence 40 and political repression all of these reasons can lead people to conclude that the US is there Bisht perhaps there only hope.

We make a long stop some people heading to the border these goals have played violence and poverty did don't know who president Biden is all my Kannauj is how hard it was to say goodbye to his mum and Yang simple siblings The Don no of joy by done but the president is a part of the equation for others this is a photo of a protest in each of the Mexican side of the border by then please let us in read the T-Shirts . Whether they are right or wrong this expectation is rapid idli being heard that teenagers get here now with the hope that your wide and will let them in as refugee some US official are drawing similar conclusions before the new President took office we didn't have these types of number coming across as we see an accompanied children all the time we caught one on Monday that was from coming in from Bolivia that was 10 years old by himself but does this add app joined by girls only two months into his presidentti can be really connect him to whats happening wale to judge Joy Biden we need to talk at the numbers but we also need to look at how the US is treating people , border facility in Texas during the Trump administration you can hear children separated from their parents and calling out for them .

this was one of the most visible moments of Donald Trump presidency and after the he stopped the child separation policy not before hundreds of children had been taken from their parents and Joe Biden let the nation and now they cannot find or 500 offsets of those parents and those kids alone now here to go now where to go its criminal its criminal and its Max us and laughing stock and violets every notion of who we are as a nation divide and was also clear that if he were president the US would help those in need I would infect make sure that there is immediately search to the border all those people are seeking Asylum they deserve to be heard those who we are and if that wasn't clear enough he also said this Where NSS says if you want to see and you are playing operation you should come bed now Joy by dun is President and his taken immediate action we are going to work to do the moral and national same of the previous administration that literally note figuratively ribbed children from the arms of their family their mothers and fathers at the border this all got a lot of attention as did fifth in the policy on unaccompanied children and later the president look to add to his message I can stay quite clearly don't come don't leave your town or city or community so first come then don't come until we tell you to all while changing the rules on children and the Republican senator mitt Romney has tweeted the Biden administration lack of understanding of the power of incentive continues to call me allowing and are compared - to stay in the US will build a flood of unaccompanied minors its defects child separation only she argues now as we have seen the data that appear to show a rise in the number of unaccompanied children after that change of policy and that rise in arrivals means more children are emperor Li like this and on that the White House add this to say it's not acceptable but I think the challenge here is that there are only there are not that many options the argument being the Trump administration didn't maintain sufficient security but the Trump administration no longer in power and it also didn't change the policy on unaccompanied children and pressure ingrowing the democratic Congress women Alexandria ocasio portage has tweeted about the children's situation saying this is not ok a never had been ok never will be OK no matter the administration or party and the situation told you earlier wha dependent on policy the Texas says he want to show people what happening and underlining all of the concerned from across the US political spectrum is the question of whether the president has or have been nave because make no mistake American lord the child separation policy many of them wanted the bite and administration to treat children differently treat them better but changing the policy straight away before facilities are ready and influx and children ending up in an acceptable condition and some would argue it also doesn't address the more fundamental issue here because the border between the US and Mexico is largely closed at the moment that's because of the pandemic and thousands of people are waiting Max if can like this but of course the border won't stay close forever and when it opens just like his predecessor Biden will need to outline how he plans to manage America's border when many many people want to get in trouble Lena rodrigue use ride in polity by done is facing the really that building the fair and who many immigration system he promised on the campaign trail it's a huge undertaking migrants are going to stop coming just because it officials say they shouldn't be argued 9 progressive and republicans going to stay quiet just because he asked for patience that some would add that while the work on the border is ancient its actually America's role in the region beyond its borders that may offer the longer term solution have a listen to general literature from the New Yorker the problem is not going anywhere we have neglected all the reality in the region that have had a hand in four decades and all the consequences of that are announcing them at the source of the border and they do creatively I mean 2014 to 19 now they will continue by does each to the American people was in part simply that he wasn't Donald Trump that he did Polo science on pen dependent that add stop reading this information this was a low bar immigration is harder much harder and cramp detention centres filling up with an accompanist children is a long way from Joy by dance vision of America but there's what's happening and his next move matters board to intern and his decision matters a lot for that poor children's that lost a bright future just due to some wrong decision by administration .we can ask a question that why that children's have a right to live a good life with fundamental rights the government and administration should provide them a chance to prove themselves and provide them all the basic facilities to live their childhood in every aspect of life. 

My Vision of Akhand Bhart

 Akhand Bharat A Dream

Area = 5897964
Population = 1862708791
GDP (ppp) = 11444166345964 $ (11.5 Trillion USD)

Apart from all that India will be strongest defence system of the world .

 That , I have thought about in my childhood

What did you understand by Akhand Bhart , it is a term dating used for areas that was never part of the greatland of India. 
Akhand bharat = India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka ,Bangladesh ,Myanmar and Afghanistan  .
Image of Akhand Bhart look like
If all the power stand together then they will be reproduced as new super power in whole world and no country dare to think harming it .
If we calculate expenditure that India and Pakistan both did on Kashmir issue and border line that can be used for development of this shoes country and India will be one of the most developing nation at present time. 
also more than a million of life are sacrificed from both sides without any reason just a few benefits for politician and nothing is gained by that sacrifices that ultimate sacrifices that are made by innocent people of the countries .
if you hear the story of two monkeys and one cat you will remember that both the monkeys if fighting and the cat at last stolen and the chapati.  and same will happen in international issued if India and Pakistan both eat fighting like that and didn't terminate there national issues and boundary issues  then all the western countries must provide essential a way to get India and Pakistan develoed .
India and Pakistan and all the Indian subcontinent stood together there they can behave like a super power and control every area of the word and strictly provide orders to change any jio political situation or intervene in any situation like us or Russia China .
but apart from that India and Pakistan both are bearing like puppets of different powers and don't recognise their own powers if they stay United and use the idiom unity is strength then they will be the one of the most successful nation in the world the man power the natural resources the quality of mind they have they didn't need to fight with each other they have to fight from whom word in matter of  economic competition .
The politicianare creating caste based and religion based controversies that help them to build their vote bank in each of the countries that are included in Indian subcontinent for Akhand Bharat for their benefits the dividing the peoples of India just for the true words but that are going to be wrost work done by government it and be very harmful in upcoming future. 

We have to be faithful towards each other and people of All the Nations have to start a new relation with each country and the head that is filled by the politicians of each country have to be ruled out from our hearts completely and we have to throw out that politicians out of our country that are dividing us just on the basis of there vote Banks . we never have to behave like a perfect in front of politician since independence they have use does and divided does for their personal benefit so now time have come we stood together and prove our unity in front of the whole world. And the power of United India will be one of the highest in world. 

Data I showed above is hundred percent correct  and it could be even more and much better if the dream of United India come true and then I will be the happiest person on the Earth. 
if anyone read out this article please pay attention to this issue and spread it more and more on your social media sites that we use and promote this topic as much as you can you are little attention make a big difference in this topic and also comment your views about this topic and also suggest which one thing we also had to include in this article .

Modi fail

 Modi fail ,

Narendra Modi ,Most overrated prime minister ever

The whole BJP government is working like a dictator on country and most of the newspaper are mouthpiece of this government.

Modi government had made approximately makes 6 lakh karod from the taxation on petroleum products that is one fifth of our budget . 

We have taken 22 indicators that are based on five parameters that will read the Narendra Modi government on their works on GDP growth rate, Employment availability ,Gender equality , Human development, Economic development ,Job growth rate etc parameters. We will only talk about the topics that are relevant for a countries long term development in every aspect. 


The five parameter of our discussion are-

1. Economic (20/100)
2. Social (30/100)
3. Human capital (00/100)
4. Governance (40/100)
5. Environment (20/100)

In all the parameters we have given mark to Modi government out of hundred and in the end we take a average of all parameters and marked the more the government out of 100 .

 1.  Economic

At present Indian economy is facing huge drawbacks and at one of the lowest in this century .
NDA government from 2014 to 19 GDP growth rate was decreased from  8.9 to 5.4 , Modi government also tried to manipulate the way of calculating GDP and make a big scam. For financial year 2021 the estimated GDP growth rate is is -3.1 to -7.3 that was one of the lowest in independent India .

Modi government is menu plating people on the matter of economy that they will build economy of 5 trillion in upcoming 5 years but it is like we promise little boy to get a pricious toy . Forgetting five trillion economy we get 12 % GDP growth rate that is approximately ine possible at present stage in which we are trying to get at least positive GDP growth rate .
The NDA government was completely in the matter of economic development of the country but the fool peoples are just concentrating on Ram Mandir and religious issues and voting for BJP .

2. Social

if you look towards social development of India than NDA government ducking provide more than the religious head spread at the controversies between two groups. They just asking votes from him on the behalf of being Hindu. it mean being a Hindu in this country is a crime if we are Hindu we have to give vote to BJP, or NDA government .
BJP is menu plating national issued and just concentrating and creating their vote bank on the issues , like religion cast their background and many more thing that divides the people of India .
The whole BJP government is working like a dictator on country and most of the newspaper are mouthpiece of this government .
the woman crimes are increased from 2.5 lakh 4.2 lakh in last seven years of NDA rule and even after this data BJP is saying you works for women safety in our society BJP government is the biggest liar  government I have ever seen or hear about .
..... One thing that is appreciable about Modi government is is that girl child education rate is increased little bit .

Modi have given the slogan acche din aaenge. After the seven years of Modi government we have to know how much relevant that slogan was .

3. Human capital,jobs , employment opportunities

In 2014 election campaign Modi government promised that we will produce 2 crore job per year for youth. in the UPA government of Manmohan Singh the job creation per year is stood at 10 lakh per year but in NDA government it had even decreased at 5 lakh jobs per year Modi government completely failed to create new jobs and now in 2021 the people and youth of India want to know where are there 2 crore jobs that are promised for the price of for what but Modi government never answer any question that is relevant to the people of India at the time of election and the create another big issue to take the preview people out of the development issues .

The condition of job opportunity is country is just understood by in up there are 65 post of chaprasi and 93000 graduates are applied for their that post. 
And for approximately 17000 post in railway the 7700000 graduates are applied. 
The privatization of the sector's also provides bigris engineering jobs that the process of hiring should not be legitimate and dependent on the selector .

4. Governance

In governance I have provided 40 out of hundred to Modi government because in this time Modi government have to little bit better if we talk about other parameters .but the ratio of crime increased in certain states and crime like mob lynching for cow killing killing and people person on road , incidents are increased heavily .
India's  rank in corruption perception index is also decreased and government also failed to detect the persons that are taking bribe for providing government or social services .
NDA governmentgovernance is also very bad in matter of cleanliness because in the rule of NDA government the living Delhi raised at number one in the term of pollution in whole world .


Modi government have release a lot of campaign to make Ganga clean and clean India movement and many other that makes people exciting and forced to think that government is doing a lot to improve cleanliness conditions of India . But nobody talks about the result of all those moments all those moments are complete failure as nothing in grand by that Ganga is still so much polluted and counted in the one of the most polluted river of the world , if we look towards the most polluted cities of the world 9 out of 10 most polluted cities belongs to India  
So here also Modi government have proved a complete failure.  

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thanks for your attention if you read out this complete article I think your view about NDA government is completely changed now and if it isn't going to change then I will publish more articles with more efficient data that will make you to gain complete information about the froud of present Indian government .