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UPSC 2021-2022 CURRENT AFFAIRS (Part-1)

Human capital index 

1.released by world bank 

2. India's rank 116 out of 174 countries ( in 2018 it was 115 out of 157 countries)

Tech for Tribal 

1 Micro small-medium enterprises will provide technology to tribal people for increasing their productivity and services 


3 It is under PMVDY (Pradhan Mantri van Dhan yojana)

 Pardhanmantri van dhan yojana

MOTA ( Ministry of tribal affairs) implementing agency 

TRIFED Nodal agency at national level 

and at the state level, State nodal agency 

at the district level DM


A-WEB (Association of world election body )

The largest association of EMBs with 111 nation and 21 international organization

chairperson - Election commission of India  

Mission - To identify the latest trends 

and to facilitate the appropriate exchange of experience 

Permanent secretariat - Seoul (South Korea)

Sulfur dioxide pollution

India is the world largest emitter of SO2 according to CERA ( Center for research on energy and clean air )

generated through - fossil burning and volcanic activity 

it is a colorless, bad-smelling, and toxic gas

AMPHEX -21 NAVY EXERCISE held in A&N island with Indian Army and Indian Airforce.

The first hydroelectric power station of ASIA at Shivanasamudra falls on the Cauvery river in Karnataka.


Capacity building program for civil servant 

2 OBJ- 1 rule-based to role-based

2 domain training 

Special purpose vehicle is implementing agency ( 100% govt. owned )

PM WANI : India's new public WIFI project 

scheme of the department of telecommunication 

 Aim - To further push internet adoption in the rural area 

public data office will be registered at Kirana Store.



 Habitat -endemic to the western ghat  

IUCN status - endangered 

Exist 70 million yr ago with Dinosaur 

Recently State govt. of Kerala propose to make it official amphibian of State



IUCN STATUS -Vulnerable

only found in freshwater.

Habitat - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh


the first hour of every parliamentary sitting

it was in news because of covid 19 the monsoon session is suspended in parliament.


IUCN STATUS - vulnerable 

it was in the news because Chilka lake authority designated her to an ambassador of Chilka lake

CITES -2 appendix

 schedule first of WPA 1972 

 in 2012 WB govt. officially declared the fishing cat as the state animal 

BLUE FLAG CERTIFICATION Provided by Norway for the following criteria 

- environment sustainable tourism 

- sustainable boating tourism 

- cleanliness water

Given by non profit  foundation for environment education Denmark based education foundation. 

 33 criteria out of which 4 are major

 1. Bathing  water quality

2. Environment management and conservation

4. Services in the beaches

●padubidri and kasarkod beach got

 blue flecks certificate recently

■ Swarna Jayanti fellowship scheme

 Department of Science and Technology

 21 scientists selected for this fellowship program commemorate India's 50th independence anniversary

 special assistant and support to the selected number of young scientists 

no institute specific

 funded by science engineering research board (SERB) as per norms


- earthquake Magnitude of 7.0 strikes aegean  sea shacking Turkey and Greece


- Me property amendment and validations act 2017 included legal higher and successor of enemy property (will not allow to them.)

 - enemy property for India in CEPI under central government (prohibit civil court).

■Liquidity trap (K-shape)

- IMF economist gita gopinath stated that the global economy may be heading toward a liquidity trap

- interest rate are very low and saving that are high.




3. North West PROVENCE 


- Recently it was in news because Pakistan gifted shakshgam valley to China.

 - It is part of northern Pakistan and controlled by the Pakistan government and under Karachi agreement 1949. 

- According to2009 legislative assembly and council both exist here but this order was replaced by order of 2018

■Daimer bhasa dam (On indus river)

-between kohistan district of khyber pakhtunkhura and daimer district in gilgit Baltistan.

■ The ministry of youth affairs and sports had recently included 1. Gatka

                                   2. Kalaripayattu

                                   3. Thang-Ta

                                   4. Mallakhamba

In khelo India youth game 2020

Re-invest-2020(3rd global summit)

- Industry of new and renewable energy   

-investment in renewable energy 

-PM inogreated it

- theme- innovation for sustainable transition and

- target change from 175 gw in 2020 to 450 gigawatt in 2030.



- BCCI granted paternity leave to virat kohli . It is basically kind of paid leave.In addition, Zomato provides 26 week leave to father.

- Maternity benefit (Amendment Act)-2017 provide 26 week leave to mother on 1st child birth and 12 week for 2nd and 3rd child.


 Year 2021 is 100th year anniversary of Malabar uprising .

poor labourers,  fishery-man and shopkeepers ,religious figures took part in it  . Basically it is a kind of Jamindari revolt change in communal REVOLT. On 18 fab 1921 all the prominent khilafat and Congress leader yakub hassan, U. gopala menon ,P. Moideen koya and K. Madhava Nair were arrested. 


■6000 dancer performed mohiniyatyam for Guinness record in thrissur (Kerala).

It is a feminine dance of vishnu consist of 24 hand gesture mentioned in (hastalakashana deepika).

Dance reference is taken from Vyovaharamala Ghoshayatra.

■Lymphatic filariasis (Elephantiasis) declared as neglected tropical disease in which tissue swelling kind of activities take place.


• Kerala plans to set up in Mahatma Gandhi Smriti Museum at payyanur Kerala.  it is also known as second Bardoli Satyagraha. here Simon Commission took place in 1928 and Salt Satyagraha in 1930 under the leadership of Kerala Gandhi (K Kelapan ) Kozhikodi to Payyanur . 33 Satyagrahi started anti untouchability movement. 


• davos dialogue : world economic form why in news recently the Prime Minister address the world economic forum Davos dialogue by video conferencing. 

 the WEF Annual meeting in davos Switzerland engage the world's top leaders to save Global regional and industries agendas. 

 some major reports published by WPF are energy transition index, Global competitiveness report Global gender gap, Global risk report, Global travel and tourism report. 

• cut copy paste mechanism -

locate the specific area

 cut it out 

replace it with a new and correct sequence that no longer causes the problem. 

 it can potentially eliminate genetic and other digit multiply agriculture production correct the format is and even open up the more content CSS possibilities of producing designer babies and bringing cosmetic perfection. 

Seagrasses are flowering plant that grows in shallow and marine water like bays and Lagoon found in the many part of the word , from the tropic to the Arctic Circle.  recently scientists have claimed that protection and restoration of grasses can play a significant role in mitigation climate change. They have roots stems and leaves and produce flowers and seeds.  Restoration of seagrasses has been taken up by the Tamil Nadu forest department in the Gulf of Mannar.  Threat to seagrasses include human disturbance and natural disturbances. 

• academic freedom index

 index try to quantify the freedom of University  and scholar to debate politically and culturally controversial topic without fear for their safety or studies and without any external influence on the Institutions affairs based on the combination of actual data and the assessments of 1800 academicians world wide.  it is the result of a collaborative effort between researchers at FAU and the V Dem.  India has  scored  low in international academic freedom index with a score of 0.352 which is closely followed by Saudi Arabia and Libya. 

● organization of petroleum exporting country  4th high level meeting held in which India took participation via video conferencing.

 Objective of this conference is to coordinate unify petroleum policies and to secure fair and stable price.

 it was established by Baghdad conference in 1960 and OPEC member country are Iran Iraq Kuwait Saudi Arabia Venezuela .

ASEAN PREMIUM  -Extra charge over oil in ASia.


●G-20 : PM calls for a new global index in over transparency post pandemic world.

- 85%  of total gdp.

-80% international trade

- 65% of world population. 

 First time leaders meeting with FM

 Global index is based on 

talent poll



Sprit of trustful

● A Himalayan serow - The at Eastern central and Western himalyas

IUCN status - vulnerable 

 Add it's comes under schedule 1st of wildlife protection act 1972. 

●Dara shikoh - transfered the bhagwat gita into Persian.

 The was oldest son of Shahjhan and killed by Orangzeb in battle of samugarh.

Wrote - majma-ul-bahrain.

 It was in news because the ministry of culture recently set up a 7 member panel of archaeological survey of India to locate the grave of the mughal Prince Dara shikoh.

● Russia pulled out from free sky treaty that was signed in 1992 and come into effect in 2002 .

India and China are not the member of risky treaty.

● Article 131 of Indian prostitution Bad deals with original and exclusive jurisdictions of Supreme Court .

 no Private or individual can appeal under this

 It was in news because kerala government has envoked to citizenship amendment act in Supreme Court. 

Supreme Court invoked article 142 to order to formed the trust for ram temple.

and this article deal with complete justice of Supreme Court. 

●Grand Ethiopian Renaissance dam  It's conflict between Egypt and Ethiopia. 

 US has stepped in to mediate this conflict. 

● Adaptation gap report 2020 Released by UNEP United Nations environment program this report estimates the annual cost of adaptation To the effect of climate change for developing country Read list quadruple by 2050.

● Export promotion council for technical textile

 Launched by ministry of textile to constitute

 dedicated export promotion council for technical textile for 4 year.

 It's Aim is to taking domestic market size to USD 40 billion to USD 50 billion by 2024.

●Agatti island i.e 459km from Kozhikodi Kerala. 

- National green tribunus has granted an interim stay on falling of coconut trees on agatti island.

● pokkali rice( GI tag from kerala)

 Farmers of Bengal are experimenting with the pokkali variety of rice in sundarbans Contains lowest carbohydrate.

 Doctors also suggest it to as lower sugar diet. 

●Parivar pahchan patra  launched by Haryana (Called PPP)

Unique identity  card 

To 54 lakh family 

For families not for individuals 

8 digit no. 

Girls name transferred after marriage 

●MADHAVPUR Mela-  8 Northeastern state are visiting porbandar Gujarat to take participation in   Month of April on ramnavmi.

Please related to mismi tribe of assam because  lord Krishna married to rukmini and she belong to Miami tribe.

●NATRAJA (shiv and parvati)


Fire (left hand)

Drum (sound)

Abhay mudra (path of salvation)


In Kamekhya temple  (one of the 51 saktipith)

At nilachal hills.

●47th G7 summit 

 United Kingdom invited India and Australia PM as guest to attend the 47th G7 summit held in June 2021 on  Request of France and Italy .

G7 Countries are Canada Italy France Germany Japan UK US.

● Indian ocean commission was established in 1984.  India becomes its 5th observer But India is the not a member of IOC.

 Indian ocean commission consist of Madagascar, reunion,  Comoros,  Mauritius, Seychelles. 

It is also known as Victoria agreement.

In which district vazhapadi palace situated?

 In which district vazhapadi palace situated?

Salem, vazhapadi palace is situated in the Salem district of Tamilnadu(India)
Credit- to-google-mao

Vazhapadi is a town  in Salem district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is the headquarters of Vazhapadi taluk, one of the 13 taluks of Salem district.

Total population of vazhapadi town of Salem District is approximately close  18000 And counting .

It live in the region of kongu nadu .
Vazhapadi is priviously known as valapadi .

It is situated in the area of approx at km square and have population density of 2200 people per km square . Official language of people of Vazhapadi is Tamil. 

What is the pincode of Vazhapadi

In 2019 Vazhapadi had a population of 18000 people living in 4,682 households. 8,943 (50.4%) of the inhabitants were male, while 8,816 (49.6%) were female. 1,779 children in the town, about 9.6% of the population, were at or below the age of 6 yrs . The literacy rate in the town was 74.4%. Aprox