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Will capitalism destroy the world?

 Will capitalism destroy the world?

Is capitalism improve the word for the capital region is an ideology that destroyed the world?

In this article, we will discuss the biggest positive and negatives of capitalism.

Pros and cons of capitalism

Positives of Capatilism

The biggest positive of capitalism is decentralization, in most of the capitalist countries, everyone has the freedom to start their own business. You can do your business, And every year a bundle of business starts, These all works independently it means they are decentralised. In fact, they compete with each other, and high competition brings competition. On other hand in the communist and socialist countries like the Soviet Union government will handle everything, all the major industries and and and production areas are controlled by the government directly. And it will be called centralisation. 
Admin a few people head the economic activity of a country, it's a very hard work that only a few peoples do a work of thousands, it is the main reason the economy of socialist and Communist country e like Russia are falling down. 
It is also a major reason why America won the cold war against USSR.

How America won the cold war against USSR

The second section concerning the ontological approach analysis the economic factors of collapse. Derbyshire Kotkin and Remnick provide a quantitative and qualitative explanation of the failure of centralisation in the agricultural and industrial sectors.  Derbyshire and Remnick also provide conclusion insight into ontological reasons for the failure of industrial and agricultural collectivisation, which played a leading role in the overall demise of the Soviet Union. 

decentralized and capitalist country all the businesses that are going on will try to complete each other for the most common reason that is profit everyone wants profit so they will compete with each other and build the better products and there's the new term come that is results in innovation.

And because of this innovation, we can see the use of technological development in this world in the last 100  to 200 years.
You can think about it by yourself, cars aeroplanes, the internet, the computer, the camera all are invented in the last 200 years. 

   All the living standard affecting things like electricity,  water, education, energy, transport, communication all have reached another level just due to capitalisation and competition.
Capitalism shows dreams to everyone and it's also the one region that all the countries that have capitalism, also have a high rank in the happiness index.  

   If you want to reach the top then capitalism provides you with the right stage and right chance. If you work hard with full of dedication then you can be the next Bill Gates or Elon Musk.
   But on the other hand in a socialist or communist country, you cannot be that right you get more than 200% more option in capitalism following country for being on top.
     Capitalism also provides you with options to improve your living standard. If we take the example of India before 20 years we can watch only one channel on TV that is Doordarshan. But after the privatisation of television sectors, the competition increased to provide quality contents to viewers.
Read the rest you can free there are more than 3000 TV channels easily accessed by everyone At a lower cost.
    After reading this article you can say that Capitalism is the best but wait....!!!!!!.
    Now we will tell you the unlimited negative of Capitalism. 
There are little highs and many lows that can destroy the entire world.  

Here is the list of failures of capitalism.  

Monopoly in capitalism

   The biggest problem in capitalism is inequality the power and the economy of a country are handed in few rich people or personalities. 
   Hypothetically we can say everyone has the freedom to do their own work that we want.
Take the example of the whole world more than 70% of world's money is handed in just 2% of people.

If we take the example of India, then we can see how many companies are existing there. We just know the names of few companies like Tata and Reliance, that control the whole market, and No smaller companies can exist there and if they want to adjust they have to struggle a lot the Hughes companies buy or small industries and merged them in themselves. 

  Is the worst experience if a huge industry or company by the all small companies that exist in that sector and define himself as the only company of that sector, and then sell the products on their own terms and prices. The whole competition in the market will end automatically.   
     There are some examples of monopoly in the whole world
1. China denied mulling near 1 billion US dollar fine for Alibaba Monopoly case. 
2.  Paytm CEO post "Move on to signal now" says Facebook and WhatsApp abusing monopoly. 
3.  Nationalism not BJP's Monopoly: Congress hits back after Row over China.
      Many peoples accept that there is Jio telecommunications Monopoly in the telecommunication market and when will it and is still a  big question?

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