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Write articles and earn money in India

 Earn 100$ per article you write

Get $20 instantly with your profile approval.


We have a news website recently named

And we have a great need of 50- 100 article writers.

20 to 40 promoter on social media.

Eligibility Criteria -

1. A article writers that want to join as must have completed secondary level education and desired to be a graduate from any stream. 

2.  Must be a very active user of social media and connected to all news channels and write article as fast as we get any breaking news.

3. He must have a great grip on Hindi and English both languages and be aware of the Indian culture and geographical conditions of India. 

4. Any kind of article writing experience with any news website or anchoring on any news website will be appreciated and given priority.

5. You must have 1000 audience on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook any one of these three.

6. he must be aware of incidents and political crisis that happened in the past few months and also be aware of all the incidents that happen in recent time. 

How to join us

You can join us in 3 ways.

if you complete all the criteria that are mentioned above then  

1. Scroll down to this article And submit your email in the given section we will contact you soon.

2. You can directly mail us at [email protected]

With your resume or profile information.

Never forgot to tell us why you want to join us.

3.  you can't get any kind of response then you can WhatsApp us on our number 9166378038 or 

4. you can directly contact us on our social media handles that are provided on home page icons.

If you have unique content and great ability to write our articles you will definitely be hired for our website.

And we are happy to see you you're doing with


Information to be submitted after your resume or profile approval

1 Aadhar card

2 division and marks

3 career and past experience

4 answer written question that is asked through email.

The candidates that are collected throughout the process after that will get $20 directly in their selected payment method and they how to start article writing for us and they will get paid as they want  by percentage  method

Aur by fix rate per word.

If you want to check quality content and quality then you can visit similar articles-

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after reading this article you get an idea of how we write articles and how much quality of content we need.

And if you can match these requirements you can easily e apply for our article writing selection batch and I am sure you will be hired definitely. 

You must access an Android device and a PC is desirable.

If you're not selected for this batch don't feel that you are incapable of keep following us on social media platforms to getting selected for the upcoming opportunity we have a huge requirement for employees but due to covid-19, we have to shrink it and make a smaller batch of 50-100 people and also need some promoters. 

If you are a website designer and fluent in CSS and HTML then stay connected with us on our social media platform we will shortly inform you about upcoming opportunities for developers. 

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we are in search of brilliant people that make your website brilliant and promote our content to the audience and Make the truthful news of the website rich still every corner of the Indian subcontinent.

If you are not happy to work with us then we will suggest you some more websites that are hiring article writers for permanent this is for their news industry or any other industry that you are fluent in and if you doesn't make our requirements then we will suggest you that website if you have submitted your email in the comment section will definitely reach up to you and make your career successful if you are able. 

if you haven't any skills about our critical writing and haven't any content then you must be a social media promoter that promotes a website on social media handles and make our website reach more and more people. 

We will pay you on the basis of views if you are a promoter that comes through your link.

at last, I want to say all the best to all the candidates that are applying for the hundred posts and say that if you are capable you are the only one who is the topmost article writer in our industry and will touch all the heights that will be e top of this industry.

We appreciate your efforts if you are applying for this post and we are dedicated to you because the employee is we hire are the future of this industry. 

I want to space te connected with me on your Myspace and media platform and as the requirements come we will inform you are not going to select in this match your time is precious for us and if you are spent your time reading this article then we will very much thankful to you.

Written by the chief selector of inbais