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Serum institute of India CEO adar poonawala escapes to UK

 Coronavirus vaccine manufacturing stops?

CEO of serum institute of India have respect towards the UK after facing many threads from politicians and other high personalities. 

Cyrus poonawalla has a net worth of 11.5 USD billion.

He is the CEO of Serum Institute of India Pvt Ltd which is the world's largest waste seen manufacturer industry.

   It's very bad news for the image of India in front of the whole world that serum chief flies to the UK to escape from CMs, corporates, Biggies.


  Adar poonawalla facing threats

 In an interview with Adar, poonawala accepts that person powerful peoples in India treating him to provide vaccines and he's facing aggression or covid vaccine is overwhelming everyone expects to get their first. It is due to the high demand for vaccine all over India because cases are increasing indefinitely. He claims that the most powerful people in India call him and aggressively order to provide vaccine to them first.

  He also said that nobody warned him to threaten him directly but their language is so aggressive that he can't survive more. He also added that he cannot work under such pressure so he flew away to the UK. 

   Poonawalla has been in London with his family for the last few days. The Times said he "flew to London to join his wife and two children hours before Britain band travellers from India 8 days ago".

  If you are thinking that the Indian government is not aware of threads that are given to poonawala then you are wrong.

   Recently Indian Central government had granted Punawala y level security on April 29 which meant that personal security officers would accompany him at all times and an armed guard would keep a vigil at his home. If you want to understand what is y level of security then I will tell you that Indian actress Kangna Ranaut get y plus security without any specific reason.


  After arriving and the UK he has given an exclusive interview. In an interview with a London newspaper Adar Punawala head of the world's largest vaccine manufacturer serum institute of India has a complaint of receiving threads from politicians and powerful and demanding quick delivery of the covid-19 vaccine that his firm has been producing.  

Adar poonawalla interview from the UK

   Poonawalla asked who must carry the blame for the situation India finds itself in, Punawala said "if I give you the right answer, or any answer, my head would be chopped off ...... I can't comment on the election or Kumbh Mela it's too sensitive I don't think even God could have forecast it was going to get this bad.

Adar poonawalla is defamed

   Punawala said that when the pandemic began he was proud to be the man of the moment and felt," a proud sense and feeling that people were depending on me and I was doing my best to save and protect the nation and the world". However he is now where it is returned by the criticism he is getting. He says, the company is not being," appreciated and supported but instead, "we are being vilified and blamed". 

    The serum institute chief said he hoped that when the history books are being written he will be judged more favourably. "That's what claims me down", he says, adding. We have done the best we can without cutting corners or doing anything wrong or profiteering. I will wait for history to judge. 

  This is the time we have to think, that how we can feel our industrialist safe. Are we treating them well? earlier this month as per his request the Indian government had also given a "soft loan". Poonawalla and advance loan of Rs 3000 crore that is equal to 400 million US dollar to ramp up production.

  We all know that India is not a role model in law and order, if there any politician say that do it else you will be......

These lines are sufficient to threaten anyone, So industrialists are not feeling themselves safe. So they are running away to other safe countries but it will not be good for our country for the long run because industrialist plays a very important lord role in boosting a country's economy.

Who is Adar poonawala

Adar Poonawalla is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Serum Institute of India, Founded in 1966 by his father, Cyrus Poonawalla, it is the world's largest vaccine manufacturer by the number of doses produced. Serum Institute of India also a leading producer for the covid-19 vaccine is not only in India but also all over the world. (born 14 January 1981) 

Who is Adar Punawala

Adar Poonawalla is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Serum Institute of India, Founded in 1966 by his father, Cyrus Poonawalla, it is the world's largest vaccine manufacturer by the number of doses produced. Serum Institute of India also a leading producer for the covid-19 vaccine is not only in India but also all over the world. (born 14 January 1981) 


how to make coronavirus vaccine at home

How to treat coronavirus at home

Instruments that you need to cure covid-19 or deadly coronavirus at home. 
1. Thermometer
2. Oxygen
3. Oximeter
4. Some drugs or medicine 
5. Separate toilet for patient
The look of these instruments is given in the end, check how they look like.

WhatsApp forward is popular nowadays, it tells you that inhaling camphor, carom seeds and clove will help in boosting your oxygen level. It's completely fake. It can instead harm your health.

Never use any cure or way that you read in WhatsApp forward because most of them are fake.

After seeing the covid 19 cases sudden spike in the country, I asked myself a question, that how can I use this blog to help people as much as possible. What will be the best way to treat covid-19 at home. This article is the answer to that question today hospitals across the country are facing. A lack of hospital beds, Oxyzon, and ventilators. You have to be prepared for this worst-case scenario, that if someone in your family or your friend gets Covid-19, the chances are that they will not get a hospital bed, in such cases, you will have to keep them at home and treat them. In this video, I will try to explain the home treatment of covid 19 step by step.

What to do if you do not get a bed in the hospital?

       In The worst-case scenario if you cannot get a hospital bed or a doctor to consult. I am not a doctor and I have not studied medical science. So for this article, I specially consulted a team of professional doctors who told meet the guidelines step by step about, What can be done to treat code 19 at home?

Who provides us with the guides about treating

     I would like to tell you the things that they are explained to me, in detail in today's time most medicine mentioned in this article are available only for special uses not for otc.
     Firstly is WhatsApp forward which is very viral nowadays, if you get a WhatsApp message for things like, inhaling camphor carom seeds and clove will help in boosting your oxygen levels, and it will help in treating Queen 19.  This is completely fake news it will not help you in any way. So please do not try any information given in a WhatsApp forward. It can instead harm your health. Now, we have understood this.

 Scientifically proven ways to treat coronavirus at home

 Let's see the scientifically proven techniques that help in treating covid-19. If there is a victim of covid-19 in your home first isolate him, after isolating him, it is important to monitor him as well. You would need monitoring equipment there. which equipment do you think to buy? you need an oximeter.  This is a small device that causes on the finger. It cost around a few thousand rupees. It measures oxygen saturation, apart from this you will need a thermometer to measure the temperature, gloves for the person who will take care of the active victim, for everyone to wear a garbage disposal bag hand sanitiser, and if possible is a separate toilet for the patient of covid-19. The room where the covid-19 patient would stay the fans on and windows open.

Precaution to prevent coronavirus

    Precautions like mask face shield and sanitisers are very important. Keep all this is done so that the infection is not spread among others.

How to treat coronavirus at home

     Thermometer and oximeter will be the main monitoring devices and that will help in monitoring the covid-19 person. Whenever you use them do not forget to wipe them with a cloth so that their reading is always accurate to create a simple table to record the data on a computer in Excel. You can even draw it on paper. Measure three things every 6 hours oxygen saturation, pulses and the temperature from the thermometer. First, measure the oxygen saturation while sleeping and then after exercising for a minute sit and stand for a minute and then measure is more than 94% no need for hospitalization it's normal and there is no need for hospitalization if the situation is between 92 to 94% continue to monitor oxygen situation every 4 hours at rest only.

What to do if oxygen level falls below 92% 

 If it falls below 92% I will tell you what to do. In the next step, on the other hand, you have to measure the temperature every 6 hours as well if there is a fever you have to give paracetamol/ 1 gram of paracetamol every 6 to 8 hours depending upon the fever.   

Hydration is also important

    In this situation, the hydrogen level of the patient is also very important. Ensure that the patient is drinking sufficient water in this situation to help the patient in held areas like today show in price Delhi at those of 800 android often comes in aerosol packaging and pressure is needed to inhale them a special look like this it is used for asthma the next scenario is that the oxygen saturation falls below 92% is lower than 92% if hospital where is available the patient can be moved the medicine and steroids that the patient should get in the case are the 16 mg per day or equivalent heroine any one of these can be given and it does not matter how the steroid is prepared at night when the president was to sleep just came to sleep in the prone position that is to sleep on their stomachs like this this is very simple and scientifically proven technique on increasing oxygen saturation what this video when I was sitting I was 95 and below 95 and soon as a lie down in prone posture it's currently 93 and I start depressing just how its changes rapidly prawn and best thing . 

Use paracetamol if there is fever

     Apart from this, in this scenario again use paracetamol for fever, maintain sufficient hydration and make passive live movements for the patient that is taking the leg and move them and keep them in different positions so that their blood circulation remains. The circulation is not affected because of lying in bed for a long period. In this scenario, friends you will also need to supplement oxygen at home. Try to arrange oxygen from somewhere you can also use a Nestle cannula this is a tube-like device that goes into the nose it helps the oxygen to flow from the oxygen cylinder to the body of the patient. Maintain a flow rate of 2.4 litres per minute start at a lower rate and scale up to 6 litres per minute if required as long as oxygen saturation of patient remains above 92%. When the oxygen saturation in the patient body would increase he would not feel breathlessness and their rest press. That is the number of time they are breathing per minute would go below 24 per minute so you can say that the patient has started to improve. The patient's health has started to improve but if this does not happen and the oxygen situation falls below 90%. In this case, if you can get a hospital bed it will be good because it will be very important to move into a hospital bed.

What to do if there is no hospital bed available

      If there are no hospital beds available then continue the same treatment at home keep giving the drugs in the same quantity that I mentioned before the oxygen flow rate can be scared up.
      In this case from 6 litres per minute to 10 litres per minute. If the oxygen saturation levels below 90% administrating steroids and maintain a prone position of the patient during the whole time.
       Ment inpatient will come only when oxygen saturation was above 92%.
   additionally, the patient will be able to get it they will not feel restless and the respiratory rate will be less than 24 hours per minute.
   I will like to give a list of some drugs and steroids that should not be used but a research paper publish later, That they are useful.
    I talk about Ramdevre it is very specific use cases till now any scientific research has not been able to provide office help utility against this drug marketing but the research paper published later and dated they are useful, I will not this the chances of your dying simply by taking it some researchers have said that Ramdev shivir mein help in reducing the duration of illness if it given at the correct time all the height for disturb the sorted and the black marketing in reality this drug is almost useless but there are other steroids that I told you about they are actually helping in the treatment the steps of home treatment that I told you about is it is advisable if it's possible for you to get an initial assessment done of the patient at the very least from a hospital or a clinic by a doctor so that the doctor gets to know about the pre existing conditions of the patient and the precautions that would be required because board happens at time when something is recommended like the position of lying on the stomach if someone is pregnant obviously they should not do it every patient is different there are slight changes if in the treatment based on existing problem which may be recommended by a doctor only. The condition is very critical and you belong to a specific problem then take guides of any nurse or doctor on a video call or any other where that is possible for you. apart from this keep practising sanitizing physical distancing and masking especially if there is a commit present in your home and promote vaccination 
     One thing that, I will like to tell you is that vaccination is for prevention, It is not a cure. The vaccine is not a medicine. If you have taken the vaccine and after that, you will become covid-19 positive then it is going to cure you. If you have symptoms of covid-19  Should not take the vaccine wait till the symptoms go away and take the vaccine after that because by taking a vaccine you are basically training your immune system for fighting against the disease, but if your immune system is already distressed because you already have the disease.
    What will your training do when you are already infected that training will then be useless and it won't help you and another thing, because it takes some time for the training, be extra cautious after taking the vaccine.  Extra social distancing hand washing and sanitizing, because immediately after taking the vaccine, if you get that disease. It will be very difficult for your body because it will be attending to your system and the actual disease comes in as well there is an added stress on the immune system. I think friends, that this blog will be helpful when needed.

       All the guide and ways to treat covid-19 at home are taken from covid-19 specialist doctors that are declared by our government.
  If you are taking any doses of any of provided covid-19 vaccine or any other helpful drug then you must have to consult a covid-19 specialist doctor at once, that will be helpful for you because it's always true that precautions are better than cure. 

1. Oximeter
How the oximeter device looks like

2. Thermometer

3. Oxygen

4. Separate toilet

Highest single day spike in covid-19 cases

Highest single day spike in covid-19 cases

1.31 lakh new infections

Till 10 p.m. on Thursday night India has recorded a total of 1,18,993 covid-19 cases and 698 deaths .
Daily infection have crossed the line of 100000 for the second continuous day .
With 1.31 lakh new infections it was the highest single day spike ever seen in history, as many as 802 linked to covid-19 were reported on 9 April. 131787 new covid-19 cases reported till 12 pm at night .
Highest single day spike in covid-19 cases

Numbers are so high it doesn't counted the cases that we get from Ladakh . Daily infections in India cross the 1 lakh mark for third consecutive day. 
The data is sourced from inbais that is a international news website .
This extreme rise in New cases is happened due to Extreme level of testing that is begin with the guidance of our honorable prime minister.
 In last few days too much testing have done.  So, the number of cases that are detected are also very high, in the past, We may also have high number of infections , but due to low testing rate, We didn't able to detect them and the rate kept low throughout the year.
This is the main reason of spike in the counting of covid-19  cases suddenly. 
Since the beginning of the pandemic to till now India has recorded 1,30,57,863 cases and 1,6 7,694 deaths .
Maharashtra is the biggest contributor in this counting and also at present Maharashtra  is the most active state in the matter of covid-19 cases .
Highest single day spike in covid-19 cases

Maharashtra have recorded 56286 infections that are approximately 43 % of the country, that is followed by Chhattisgarh that have recorded 10652 new infections on Tuesday. 
At the time of writing this article India have provided doses of vaccines To 34.73 people, and the number of total shots is nearly 9,40,96,689 .
  The highest vaccines provided in one day is on 2 April .
 On 2 April 4200000 dosage of covid-19 vaccine have been provided . since then,  the pace of vaccination had drop dead again in recent time. 

After reading all off this you might think that is india going very well in vaccinating, well you must heard about that the India is the world's fastest vaccinating country, ahead of USA and China, but how much these word's going to worth . Because India have 4 time more population then USA so india must have 4x vaccinating rate then us, then it will be called a fair compensation. 
If we talk about how we Modi Govt managed to fight with this deadly pandemic ,then it is a almost complete failure. Uncontrolled lockdown to slow vaccination all are failure of present Indian central govt .
If you agree with us and enjoyed to read this article then comment in comment box. Your views matter a lot for us .You can directly mail us at [email protected] .
Regards - inbais team , inbaisnews