Mehbooba Mufti under house arrest till further orders, amid elimination of terrorists in Kashmir – Mehbooba mufti house arrest jammu kashmir detail

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  • Mehbooba Mufti under house arrest amid the elimination of terrorists
  • House arrest instructions till further orders

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti has placed under house arrest till further orders. The administration has taken this big decision in the midst of increasing terrorist incidents in the valley and a quick encounter of the security forces. Now they also took descidion when Mehbooba Mufti recently made a big allegation on the Center.

My personal opinion in on this news is very cleat, house resting of a popular politician of a particular area never be right. The thing that present Indian government is doing is not a part of democracy. If anyone is not doing right then let people decide who is wrong and who is right. Democracy is raising more people by people and four people that not be controlled playable by a single party . Present day Indian government is behaving like dictatorship to control the situation that can also controlled by talks.

Mehbooba Mufti under house arrest amid the elimination of terrorists

When many terrorists were eliminated in the encounter on Monday, then Mufti had said that no one knows whether terrorists are being killed in the valley or not. He had claimed that three civilians were killed in the encounter on Monday. He had even said that civilians were being targeted in the name of militancy in the Valley. Even before this, when the number of security forces was increased in the valley, the Mufti had condemned it. He had said that the government wants to convert Jammu and Kashmir into a cantonment by increasing the presence of the army. The government had taken a tough stand on that statement of his.

By the way, Mehbooba Mufti had addressed a rally in her Jammu office today. There he also held his protest. During his program, the workers raised slogans that
Stop the killing of Kashmiris. Mehbooba herself was also supporting these slogans and was making many serious allegations against the Centre.

Controversial statements increased Mufti’s trouble

Earlier, the PDP was also in major controversy when it supported Kashmiris who celebrated Pakistan’s victory in the T20 World Cup. Then Mufti had given a tweet advising people to learn from Virat Kohli. It was said that if Pakistan’s victory is celebrated, then why so much anger, in this country many other types of slogans are raised. BJP had taken that statement against him and there was a lot of ruckus.

Now this action has been taken amidst the same controversial statements and Jammu and Kashmir’s Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha has also given a big message. In a program, Manoj Sinha has said that some people work to spoil the atmosphere in the valley. He assured everyone that in the coming two years, the valley would be made terror-free.

By the way, there is news that after the action on Mehbooba, the party is not going to sit still. Tomorrow the PDP party is going to protest at the office. The issue will certainly be made about the killings in the valley, but on the pretext of this, the voice will also be raised in favor of its leader. Apart from all this, an important meeting of Gupkar is also going to be held at Farooq Abdullah’s house at 11.30 am tomorrow.

If today we will not stand by ourselves in future No one will able to stand.

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