Maran Exaltation

Fear rained for twenty minutes! For twenty minutes, the channel kept showing the PM sitting in the car by making a circle!We kept thinking that can this happen to the PM as well? Subsequent debates made it clear that there may be and may be…A restlessness swirls! What is the status of common man in …

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curd in mouth

Children, rote the ‘Righteous Rule’: ‘Sub’ means ‘Uttar Pradesh’ and ‘Yogi’ means ‘Yogi’ and if you mix the two then it becomes ‘Useful’! Thus ‘yogi’ equals ‘useful’! ‘Useful’! Yogi is very ‘useful’! Totally wrong: ‘useful’ not ‘useful’! Put ‘un’ in front of a yogi, then ‘useful’ becomes ‘unusable’! Useless! Useless! Useless! Not useful, say ‘useless’! …

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