Pakistan held a meeting on Afghanistan with taliban

At this hour pakistan is hosting the troika plus talks on afghanistan situation in islamabad. Today in attendance will be senior diplomats from united states russia and china. In fact u.s special representative on afghanistan thomas west arrived in islamabad. A short while ago, taliban foreign minister amir khan mutahi has also been extended the invite for the talks. This is his first visit to Neighboring Pakistan, since the Taliban takeover the russian special envoy on afghanistan. Zamir Kabulov and chinese special representative are also in Islamabad. In a statement the taliban government says that the meeting will focus on political humanitarian and economic issues. The issue of pakistan visas for afghan nationals is also likely to come up. Pakistan has said the meeting's aim is to achieve lasting place and peace rather and stability in afghanistan 

However the summit is largely being seen as an attempt by islamabad to push for taliban government's international recognition. Last month qureshi and the then chief of pakistani spy agency isi faiz hamid paid a visit to kabul. 

The united nations has warned the Afghan economy is on the brink of collapse. International grants for afghanistan have dried up since the taliban ceased power. Western nations have announced aid for for afghanistan. The aid will be distributed through NGOS
 The last troika plus meeting was held in moscow on october the 19th. However, the u.s did not attend that summit citing challenges. 
 Well for more on this our correspondent anas malik joins us live from kabul afghanistan. "good to see you anas malik" the taliban says. The meeting will focus mainly on humanitarian economic and political issues. Talking about it, latter will this not be a favorable opportunity for the taliban to push for their recognition.     Especially,now that pakistan considered itself a friend to the taliban
 Well absolutely eric you rightly mentioned. This is a step closer towards that formal recognition the taliban would want to give it as uh with this engagement with the international community.
 Now these three heavyweights or the troika plus as we say it which has pakistan us china and russia. All of these have greater stakes in afghanistan and that impacts the region as well three of them being superpowers china russia and the us. 

 Engagement with them the taliban would want to see that it is a step closer towards recognition. Something that they have been desperately craving about. So that is something  that is to be noted. In a very short while from now, in fact, in some minutes from now the troika meet is to begin. Formally, the pakistani foreign minister sham himself is to address the opening session. The first will be the troika meeting between pakistan plus meeting between pakistan u.s china and russia. Their special representatives and then after that the troika members will collectively call on the taliban government. Delegation that is late that is led by the taliban's foreign minister amir khan. And they will be discussing a range of issues that include human rights that includes assets freeze. The dire economic condition the humanitarian crisis and especially an emphasis would be on ensuring that women and girls are allowed to work. Women and girls are allowed to go back to school. In fact, as I talked to you the tokhoyka meeting has formally begun. 
 The pakistani foreign minister sharmashi is currently delivering his opening remarks eric. 
 Well malik, the issue of pakistani visas for afghan nationals is also likely to come up. Do we have any further information about that? 
Well absolutely pakistan is one country, which gives the most number of visas to afghan nationals. So at a point they used to give a four thousand visas to afghan nationals out of the 14 border crossings. Pakistan Afghanistan have the formal border crossing that pakistan afghanistan have  pre-kobe more than 60000 people used to go in and out of their countries. 

In and out of afghanistan, into pakistan and back in a span of less than 12 hours. So that is something that is of utmost consideration, because the bigger problem with pakistan right now is or the challenge at hand is that they might be seeing an influx of refugees or people who are who are scared of the taliban rule but not all would be clear. 
 They can have some militant people with militant backgrounds as well and that is something that is a fear, that has been remarked by the pakistani prime minister. 
As it is as yesterday in the court hearing. So that is to be that is to come under consideration. 
That with that also the issue. Border crossings, the opening of torkham gate uh the opening of the baba dhosi. Chavan gate harlachi crossing and and other border crossings that would also be seriously discussed because the afghan side wants pakistani side to issue or to to allow entry to those uh sick patients. 

Critically sick patients even if they do not have a visa that is something that is a sticking point. That is something that the afghan side would be taking up and discussing with you, with their pakistani counterparts. 
As and when they meet eric finally malik there have been various such meetings on afghanistan are there any visible impacts after the meetings are held and now.
  Us will be present in the forum how significant will it be for the taliban government in terms of aid for afghanistan going forward well it will be very significant. Because, one thing that we have to keep in mind that, this is the second formal interaction of thomas west. 
With the taliban and thomas west is the new u.s special representative. He's a fluent a very fluent pashto speaker and he understands the language very well so uh there would be no communication gap. 
The advantage that zalman khalil had of being a kandahari. As well that was an advantage but given that. There would be no language barriers so that would that would ease out ways to communicate number one number two. 
The taliban would want the u.s to come back and open their embassy. At the earliest the u.s. would of course not want that the u.s wants some guarantees some assurances. Even for the process of the sivs or special immigration visas the u.s does not want to come back and they would want a third country.

Any other embassy to handle operations on their behalf. So that would be a sticking point the taliban the u.s has clearly laid out that. 

For now in its plans in, no they're not seriously considering offer opening the reopening the embassy. Here in kabul uh that that will be some sort of uh convincing a bit on the part of the taliban. 
Whether or not they'll be able to convince whether or not they'll be able to get that those assets unfrozen that remains to be seen eric
live from kabul afghanistan thank you very much anas malik. 

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