The challenge facing Joe Biden at the US-Mexico border

 What is happening at  US Maxico border

This week we are focused on the us Mexico border and a test of whether Joy Biden can match his world with actions what do you do with an unaccompanied child that comes to the border do you repeat what trump did. Take them from their mothers to move them away hold them in cells etc.

Do you us Mexico border is the most active international border in aspect of migrants arrival .

Joe Biden added"we are not doing that since Joe Biden become president tens of thousands of people have arrived at US border. 

Most have been turned back but in a change of Donald Trump's policy unaccompanied children are now not turned back, children that are unaccompanied have provided all the basic facilities in public house, children packed into confined areas surrounded by screens and republicans are blaming the president. This process is created by the president policies of this new administration there's no other way to claim it .Then abandon border cases they are hoping nobody see the tragic human cost of their failure to which the burden administration sage this is on Donald Trump.

President Trump dismantled the orderly humane and efficient way of allowing children to make their claims under United States law in their home countries , dismantled the central American - program so we are rebuilding those orderly and safe processes as quickly as possible now Joy Biden has put vice president camera Harry is in charge of this and see acknowledge there's a lot of work to be done we have been in office less than hundred days we are addressing it we are dealing with it but it's going and take the sometime and are we first stated are you first started yes we are in first lesson for Kamala Harris frustration for republicans frustration all around but where does responsibility lie for his criticism of Donald Trump as president Biden actually made the situation rose and does he need to acknowledge this is a problem with no obvious solution we let's work through it starting with the numbers here is the us-mexico border its more than 3000 kilometre long is the most frequently crossed international border in the world this graphics shows the number of encounters with us border patrol 2017 .

you will see a peak in 2019 then a staff fall then a rise again in 2020 so before Joy by then took office and we should not for this time of year March 2021 is higher than the three previous years also look at this the number of unaccompanied children is rising now, that started under President Trump but it's increase more rapidly under president Joe Biden and we all know where the migrants are coming from some are from Mexico others from Guatemala Honduras and Nicaragua and at the heart of their stories and of this issue for the White House is why they are heading to the US why they are coming to the US which thing they get in US this is one reason , that is is like that hurricane that comes in November and after mass of that Hurricane all places and sources of livelihood are destroy completely in coastal area. so people in the search of food in the search of job and in the search of better livelihood option and accessibility to all services that comes towards US for a better life.


One more reason to migrants is there the pandemic it's disrupted everything it's created reasons to leave and reasons to delay journeys both in part explain the current search on the border and in drug cartels violence 40 and political repression all of these reasons can lead people to conclude that the US is there Bisht perhaps there only hope.

We make a long stop some people heading to the border these goals have played violence and poverty did don't know who president Biden is all my Kannauj is how hard it was to say goodbye to his mum and Yang simple siblings The Don no of joy by done but the president is a part of the equation for others this is a photo of a protest in each of the Mexican side of the border by then please let us in read the T-Shirts . Whether they are right or wrong this expectation is rapid idli being heard that teenagers get here now with the hope that your wide and will let them in as refugee some US official are drawing similar conclusions before the new President took office we didn't have these types of number coming across as we see an accompanied children all the time we caught one on Monday that was from coming in from Bolivia that was 10 years old by himself but does this add app joined by girls only two months into his presidentti can be really connect him to whats happening wale to judge Joy Biden we need to talk at the numbers but we also need to look at how the US is treating people , border facility in Texas during the Trump administration you can hear children separated from their parents and calling out for them .

this was one of the most visible moments of Donald Trump presidency and after the he stopped the child separation policy not before hundreds of children had been taken from their parents and Joe Biden let the nation and now they cannot find or 500 offsets of those parents and those kids alone now here to go now where to go its criminal its criminal and its Max us and laughing stock and violets every notion of who we are as a nation divide and was also clear that if he were president the US would help those in need I would infect make sure that there is immediately search to the border all those people are seeking Asylum they deserve to be heard those who we are and if that wasn't clear enough he also said this Where NSS says if you want to see and you are playing operation you should come bed now Joy by dun is President and his taken immediate action we are going to work to do the moral and national same of the previous administration that literally note figuratively ribbed children from the arms of their family their mothers and fathers at the border this all got a lot of attention as did fifth in the policy on unaccompanied children and later the president look to add to his message I can stay quite clearly don't come don't leave your town or city or community so first come then don't come until we tell you to all while changing the rules on children and the Republican senator mitt Romney has tweeted the Biden administration lack of understanding of the power of incentive continues to call me allowing and are compared - to stay in the US will build a flood of unaccompanied minors its defects child separation only she argues now as we have seen the data that appear to show a rise in the number of unaccompanied children after that change of policy and that rise in arrivals means more children are emperor Li like this and on that the White House add this to say it's not acceptable but I think the challenge here is that there are only there are not that many options the argument being the Trump administration didn't maintain sufficient security but the Trump administration no longer in power and it also didn't change the policy on unaccompanied children and pressure ingrowing the democratic Congress women Alexandria ocasio portage has tweeted about the children's situation saying this is not ok a never had been ok never will be OK no matter the administration or party and the situation told you earlier wha dependent on policy the Texas says he want to show people what happening and underlining all of the concerned from across the US political spectrum is the question of whether the president has or have been nave because make no mistake American lord the child separation policy many of them wanted the bite and administration to treat children differently treat them better but changing the policy straight away before facilities are ready and influx and children ending up in an acceptable condition and some would argue it also doesn't address the more fundamental issue here because the border between the US and Mexico is largely closed at the moment that's because of the pandemic and thousands of people are waiting Max if can like this but of course the border won't stay close forever and when it opens just like his predecessor Biden will need to outline how he plans to manage America's border when many many people want to get in trouble Lena rodrigue use ride in polity by done is facing the really that building the fair and who many immigration system he promised on the campaign trail it's a huge undertaking migrants are going to stop coming just because it officials say they shouldn't be argued 9 progressive and republicans going to stay quiet just because he asked for patience that some would add that while the work on the border is ancient its actually America's role in the region beyond its borders that may offer the longer term solution have a listen to general literature from the New Yorker the problem is not going anywhere we have neglected all the reality in the region that have had a hand in four decades and all the consequences of that are announcing them at the source of the border and they do creatively I mean 2014 to 19 now they will continue by does each to the American people was in part simply that he wasn't Donald Trump that he did Polo science on pen dependent that add stop reading this information this was a low bar immigration is harder much harder and cramp detention centres filling up with an accompanist children is a long way from Joy by dance vision of America but there's what's happening and his next move matters board to intern and his decision matters a lot for that poor children's that lost a bright future just due to some wrong decision by administration .we can ask a question that why that children's have a right to live a good life with fundamental rights the government and administration should provide them a chance to prove themselves and provide them all the basic facilities to live their childhood in every aspect of life. 

Mistakes After 12th

 Why we generally make mistake in choosing right career after 12th

In this illustrious word we want to get everything as fast as light in our life but that actually not possible ,you have to be patient in your life if you want to achieve something huge, most of the candidates choose a high profile and highly paid career that is not relevant to their passion and interest .

Most common mistakes

1 Choose a high wages career without willing in that work
2 copy someone just for money
3 Just look toward high salary career options. 
4. Instant decision
5. Choose something without solid research.
6. Never Think About Back Up

So if you read out this article you will never make mistake like this
Let's take an example if you have to cook something for yourself then what will be that is it lengthy one or is one of the least time taking food, 90% of the candidates think that I will prefer the food that will take lesser time ,and ready to compromise with taste of the food, it happens because we want shortest, fastest, best way combo. But for achiev that our choice and work must be selective.

We have to start thinking different to achieve something different, yes but I can give you one advice that if you are addict to choose shorter ways then never choose online profession because anything like affiliate marketing or video making, blogging will take long time and effort and you have no guarantee of reward, but if you are selective towards it then you must make a solid research on it before starting, because any plan backed by solid research have more chance for success.

It's the best formula for success 
Right( Time+ Place+thing/work) =Success

One more thing I want to tell you is that never try to put your graduation aside , I have seen some example in my life ,like someone In the lust of success forget about any backup and just keep going nothing will look bad till failure ,but at the time he fails,
Everything is lost......,😕😕😕,
Time Never come back,
You have to start from 0 , And you are also as much capable as much you are, that time.

So what we got from that never forgot about backup plan , because backup plan not only provide backup but also strengthen your vision , ideas and also give you chance to take huge risk in your life , because at the time you take risk and fall back up plan is ready
 with ladder to make you at same position.
All things that are written in this article are my own thought That i have seen or experienced in my life of you read these things carefully i am sure that you will never regret on what you have done in your life.

Things to be remember
Difference between success and satisfaction 
Success is like a car ,A dog is running behind that , dog =  hard worker
Car = Success
Satisfaction is also very much similar but mos common difference is that we can't catch success but we can get satisfied ,may be it will be for millisecond. 
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jobs after 12th

20 Top class Jobs after 12th


Defense jobs

1. NDA & NA (Salary 90,000)
2. AIR FORCE X Y GROUP (Salary 40,000)
3. Navy AA and SSR (Salary 26000 to 40000)
4. Navy Mr ( salary 25000)
5 Army TES (salary 100000)
6. Navy TES (salary 100000)
7. Indian army open rally ( salary 34000)
8. Air force group c ( salary 28000)
9. Navy group C (salary 25000)

Police and service

10. State police constable (salary 23000 to 33000)
11. State police head constable (salary 28000 to 40000)
12. Vanrakshak (salary 26000 To 35000)
13. Vanpal (salary 26000 to 35000)

Civil and office Jobs

14. SSC CHSL (salary 24000 to 40000)
15. SSC MTS (salary 20000 to 30000)
16. Stenographer (salary 30000 to 60000)
17. Lower division clerk (salary 20000 to 25000)
18. Upper division clerk (salary 24000 to 34000)
19. State SSC (salary 20000 to 30000)
20. Lab assistant (salary 25000 to 35000)
21. Radiographer (25000 to 40000)

1. NDA & NA (Salary 90,000)

If you want to join NDA or NA then you have must be appearing in 12th class from any stream but if you belongs to arts or commerce stream then it will be very difficult to you because 2 of 1 paper in exam of NDA will contain only 12th level math .
Two time in a year NDA and NA make there recruitment process for selecting  candidates. 

After clearing the NDA examination you have to appear for interview designed by selection board of 5 days . After that you will go through medical examination from a military hospital and at last you have to clear merit marks of NDA and any examination .
After joining to NDA and NA academy khadakwasla you have to complete 4 year of training that will also contain your graduation from both art and science stream. 
after that you will be considered a gazetted officer and you will get a pay band of approximately 1 lakh that will be lubricated for you .
you will also get some benefits like canteen card and free of cost Air travelling for over commander post. 

Air force x y group

Salary 35000- 50000

If you have want to appear for air force x y group  recruitment process then you have must completed age of at least 16 years and completed your 12th from science for group x and for group y you can apply from any stream

Airforce XY GROUP recruitment exam held twice in a year and the paper contains English Maths physics GK reasoning etc .
After going through examination process you have to appear for physical and after clearing physical you have to appear for medical examination and at last you have to clear a merit list that is decided by IAF. 
after joining you have to complete 2 Year of training in X group and at least nine month of training in y group .
  after completing your training you get a pay scale of approximately 34000 in y group and 40000 INR in X group .
You get also benefits like canteen card and the best incentives that is provided by government specially to armed force workers .

3. Navy AA & SSR

Salary 26000- 40000
if you have want to appear for Navy AA and SSR recruitment process then you have must completed age of at least 16 years and completed your 12th from science for group x and for group y you can apply from any stream .

  Navy AA and SSR recruitment exam held twice in a year and the paper contains English Maths physics GK reasoning etc .
After going through examination process you have to appear for physical and after clearing physical you have to appear for medical examination and at last you have to clear a merit list that is decided by Indian Navy. 
after joining you have to complete 2 year of training in AA and at least nine month of training in SSR after completing your training you get a pay scale of approximately 26000 in SSR and 40000 INR in AA .

You get also benefits like canteen card and the best incentives that is provided by government specially to armed force workers .


Salary 25000
As like airforce X group and Navy AA and SSR it will also conduct exam twice in a year and the subject included in the exam are just math of 10th level and GK. 

and if you want to watch out for easiest defence exam that it will be one for you. 
Navy Mr personals also get 6 months of training and salary of 25000 and the same benefits like a defence personnel .


Salary 100000
It is the highest paid government jobs that you can got as 12th pass .
You haven't give any examination for appearing  for TES entry. 
It will also so make its recruitment process twice in a year you just have to fill up your form from any job website or directly from join Indian army portal and you have get a call letter for interview after selecting in interview you have to go through medical process and after medical you have to clear a merit list that is based on your interview marks after that you got a joining letter and complete a 4 year of training and after that you will become a gazetted officer .
You will get a pay band of approximately 1 lakh and get technical work to do you will also have diploma of 4 year of engineering from a reputed in institute at the end of your 20 year duty service .

6. Navy TES

Salary 100000 ₹/ Month
applying for Navy TES you must have appearing in 12th from physics and math and also have applied for JEE mains exam your criteria for getting selected for SSB interview and further stages depend on your marks in JEE mains .
After shortlisted for interview on the basis of your IIT marks you will get a call letter for 5 day interview procedure of service selection board. After clearing that recipe you have to go through medical process and after medical process you have to appear in final merit list. 
After completing this process you  get joining letter from Navy. 
after joining you have to go to one year of physical training and 4 year of BTech graduation , after all that you will be counted as a gazetted officer. 
you will also get Lily ke tave incentive is provided by the Indian government to service  personal of Indian army and Indian air force.
you will get the post of lieutenant from your date of joining the armed forces Unit . 

7. Indian army open rally ( salary 34000)

top 10 news channel in india

 Top 10 news channel in india

1. Ndtv hindi 
2. BBc Hindi
3. Wion news
4. DD News
5. Aaj tak 
6. Abp news
7. Republic tv
8. India tv
9. Republic bhart
10 . zee news

News channel ratings

we have taken  parameters to decide rating of is Eid news channel that five parameter are.
1. Authenticity (freedom)
2. TRP
3. Yt Subscribers
4. Viwer Survey
5. Activeness (fastest access to news) 

News channel name (rating/5)

.1. Ndtv hindi (3.9/5)
2. BBc Hindi(3.7/5)
3. Wion news(3.7/5)
4. DD News (3.6/5)
5. Aaj tak  (2.4/5)
6. Abp news (2.3/5)
7. Republic tv (2.3/5)
8. India tv (2.2/5)
9. Republic bhart(1.6/5)
10 . zee news(1/5)

1. NDTV news is most authentic news channel that is known for its unbais news broadcasting all over the India. And it's also all time up to date about any breaking news and also have around 12 million YouTube subscribers and have good TRP ranking also . So NDTV news is ranked one according to all parameter. 

Most of the news channels of India are completely biased towards one political party  that is ruling party so we have provided lower rank to Indian Hindi news channels that are also named as godi media by social media users, and given good rank to ligit news providing channel. 
If you feel that we have made a mistake  in creating this list , you can comment in comment box with your views we will surely reply your comment in 24 hours,
and if you want to contact us ,then mail us at [email protected] .
Any kind of response provided by you who is the most helpful element for website we will be thankful to you for this .

Now we come to the topic,
Most of the Indian news channels have earned TRP on the topic India and Pakistan event , that is not a work of news channel new channel have to provide completely unbiased news to its viewers I have not need to promote nationalism promoting nationalism is work of Indian government. 


My Vision of Akhand Bhart

 Akhand Bharat A Dream

Area = 5897964
Population = 1862708791
GDP (ppp) = 11444166345964 $ (11.5 Trillion USD)

Apart from all that India will be strongest defence system of the world .

 That , I have thought about in my childhood

What did you understand by Akhand Bhart , it is a term dating used for areas that was never part of the greatland of India. 
Akhand bharat = India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka ,Bangladesh ,Myanmar and Afghanistan  .
Image of Akhand Bhart look like
If all the power stand together then they will be reproduced as new super power in whole world and no country dare to think harming it .
If we calculate expenditure that India and Pakistan both did on Kashmir issue and border line that can be used for development of this shoes country and India will be one of the most developing nation at present time. 
also more than a million of life are sacrificed from both sides without any reason just a few benefits for politician and nothing is gained by that sacrifices that ultimate sacrifices that are made by innocent people of the countries .
if you hear the story of two monkeys and one cat you will remember that both the monkeys if fighting and the cat at last stolen and the chapati.  and same will happen in international issued if India and Pakistan both eat fighting like that and didn't terminate there national issues and boundary issues  then all the western countries must provide essential a way to get India and Pakistan develoed .
India and Pakistan and all the Indian subcontinent stood together there they can behave like a super power and control every area of the word and strictly provide orders to change any jio political situation or intervene in any situation like us or Russia China .
but apart from that India and Pakistan both are bearing like puppets of different powers and don't recognise their own powers if they stay United and use the idiom unity is strength then they will be the one of the most successful nation in the world the man power the natural resources the quality of mind they have they didn't need to fight with each other they have to fight from whom word in matter of  economic competition .
The politicianare creating caste based and religion based controversies that help them to build their vote bank in each of the countries that are included in Indian subcontinent for Akhand Bharat for their benefits the dividing the peoples of India just for the true words but that are going to be wrost work done by government it and be very harmful in upcoming future. 

We have to be faithful towards each other and people of All the Nations have to start a new relation with each country and the head that is filled by the politicians of each country have to be ruled out from our hearts completely and we have to throw out that politicians out of our country that are dividing us just on the basis of there vote Banks . we never have to behave like a perfect in front of politician since independence they have use does and divided does for their personal benefit so now time have come we stood together and prove our unity in front of the whole world. And the power of United India will be one of the highest in world. 

Data I showed above is hundred percent correct  and it could be even more and much better if the dream of United India come true and then I will be the happiest person on the Earth. 
if anyone read out this article please pay attention to this issue and spread it more and more on your social media sites that we use and promote this topic as much as you can you are little attention make a big difference in this topic and also comment your views about this topic and also suggest which one thing we also had to include in this article .

In which district vazhapadi palace situated?

 In which district vazhapadi palace situated?

Salem, vazhapadi palace is situated in the Salem district of Tamilnadu(India)
Credit- to-google-mao

Vazhapadi is a town  in Salem district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is the headquarters of Vazhapadi taluk, one of the 13 taluks of Salem district.

Total population of vazhapadi town of Salem District is approximately close  18000 And counting .

It live in the region of kongu nadu .
Vazhapadi is priviously known as valapadi .

It is situated in the area of approx at km square and have population density of 2200 people per km square . Official language of people of Vazhapadi is Tamil. 

What is the pincode of Vazhapadi

In 2019 Vazhapadi had a population of 18000 people living in 4,682 households. 8,943 (50.4%) of the inhabitants were male, while 8,816 (49.6%) were female. 1,779 children in the town, about 9.6% of the population, were at or below the age of 6 yrs . The literacy rate in the town was 74.4%. Aprox

Modi fail

 Modi fail ,

Narendra Modi ,Most overrated prime minister ever

The whole BJP government is working like a dictator on country and most of the newspaper are mouthpiece of this government.

Modi government had made approximately makes 6 lakh karod from the taxation on petroleum products that is one fifth of our budget . 

We have taken 22 indicators that are based on five parameters that will read the Narendra Modi government on their works on GDP growth rate, Employment availability ,Gender equality , Human development, Economic development ,Job growth rate etc parameters. We will only talk about the topics that are relevant for a countries long term development in every aspect. 


The five parameter of our discussion are-

1. Economic (20/100)
2. Social (30/100)
3. Human capital (00/100)
4. Governance (40/100)
5. Environment (20/100)

In all the parameters we have given mark to Modi government out of hundred and in the end we take a average of all parameters and marked the more the government out of 100 .

 1.  Economic

At present Indian economy is facing huge drawbacks and at one of the lowest in this century .
NDA government from 2014 to 19 GDP growth rate was decreased from  8.9 to 5.4 , Modi government also tried to manipulate the way of calculating GDP and make a big scam. For financial year 2021 the estimated GDP growth rate is is -3.1 to -7.3 that was one of the lowest in independent India .

Modi government is menu plating people on the matter of economy that they will build economy of 5 trillion in upcoming 5 years but it is like we promise little boy to get a pricious toy . Forgetting five trillion economy we get 12 % GDP growth rate that is approximately ine possible at present stage in which we are trying to get at least positive GDP growth rate .
The NDA government was completely in the matter of economic development of the country but the fool peoples are just concentrating on Ram Mandir and religious issues and voting for BJP .

2. Social

if you look towards social development of India than NDA government ducking provide more than the religious head spread at the controversies between two groups. They just asking votes from him on the behalf of being Hindu. it mean being a Hindu in this country is a crime if we are Hindu we have to give vote to BJP, or NDA government .
BJP is menu plating national issued and just concentrating and creating their vote bank on the issues , like religion cast their background and many more thing that divides the people of India .
The whole BJP government is working like a dictator on country and most of the newspaper are mouthpiece of this government .
the woman crimes are increased from 2.5 lakh 4.2 lakh in last seven years of NDA rule and even after this data BJP is saying you works for women safety in our society BJP government is the biggest liar  government I have ever seen or hear about .
..... One thing that is appreciable about Modi government is is that girl child education rate is increased little bit .

Modi have given the slogan acche din aaenge. After the seven years of Modi government we have to know how much relevant that slogan was .

3. Human capital,jobs , employment opportunities

In 2014 election campaign Modi government promised that we will produce 2 crore job per year for youth. in the UPA government of Manmohan Singh the job creation per year is stood at 10 lakh per year but in NDA government it had even decreased at 5 lakh jobs per year Modi government completely failed to create new jobs and now in 2021 the people and youth of India want to know where are there 2 crore jobs that are promised for the price of for what but Modi government never answer any question that is relevant to the people of India at the time of election and the create another big issue to take the preview people out of the development issues .

The condition of job opportunity is country is just understood by in up there are 65 post of chaprasi and 93000 graduates are applied for their that post. 
And for approximately 17000 post in railway the 7700000 graduates are applied. 
The privatization of the sector's also provides bigris engineering jobs that the process of hiring should not be legitimate and dependent on the selector .

4. Governance

In governance I have provided 40 out of hundred to Modi government because in this time Modi government have to little bit better if we talk about other parameters .but the ratio of crime increased in certain states and crime like mob lynching for cow killing killing and people person on road , incidents are increased heavily .
India's  rank in corruption perception index is also decreased and government also failed to detect the persons that are taking bribe for providing government or social services .
NDA governmentgovernance is also very bad in matter of cleanliness because in the rule of NDA government the living Delhi raised at number one in the term of pollution in whole world .


Modi government have release a lot of campaign to make Ganga clean and clean India movement and many other that makes people exciting and forced to think that government is doing a lot to improve cleanliness conditions of India . But nobody talks about the result of all those moments all those moments are complete failure as nothing in grand by that Ganga is still so much polluted and counted in the one of the most polluted river of the world , if we look towards the most polluted cities of the world 9 out of 10 most polluted cities belongs to India  
So here also Modi government have proved a complete failure.  

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thanks for your attention if you read out this complete article I think your view about NDA government is completely changed now and if it isn't going to change then I will publish more articles with more efficient data that will make you to gain complete information about the froud of present Indian government .

Foreign relations of India

Foreign relation of India India


 The republic of India is the world's most populous electoral democracy and one of the fastest growing economy in the world. It is India's growing international influence that increasingly give it a more prominent voice in global affairs .

India has a long history of collaboration with several countries and is considered a leader of developing countries world. India is the one of the founding members of successful international organisation .

Most notably and most important is the the United nation's the non aligned movement, Asian development Bank , G20 industrial Nations. India also play and important and definable role in other international organisation like east asia summit, World Trade Organisation ,International Monetary Fund that is also called IMF .   India is currently seeking a permanent seat in UN security council along with the G4 national that are called Brazil ,Germany India and Japan . India is a part of regional organisation alike SAARC and BIMSTEC .INDIA IS ALSO THE SECOND LARGEST CONTRIBUTOR WITH 6608 PERSONNEL DEPLOYED IN 9 OUT OF 14 ACTIVE UN PEACEKEEPING MISSIONS .

History of India's diplomatic relation after independence ,

even before independence the government of British India maintained semi-autonomous diplomatic relations . it send and receive full diplomatic missions and was a founder member of both the league of lessons and the United Nations. After India successfully gained independence from British government in 1947 it as soon as joint the commonwealth of Nations and strongly supported independence movements in other colonies of British  and Germany. India also supported freedom movement of Indonesian national revolution. 

During the cold war India adopted foreign policy of non aligned movement with some developing Nations like Brazil and South Africa and didn't keep itself with any major bloc. However due to some Needs India developed closed eyes with the Soviet Union and received extensive military support from it. 
The end of cold war significantly affected India's foreign policy as it did for much of the world the country now try to strengthen it's diplomatic and economic ties with the United State the people's Republic of China, the European Union, Japan ,Israel ,Mexico ,and Brazil , India has also get closed eyes with the member states of Asian African Union the Arab League and the Iran . India continues to have a military relationship with Russia Israel has emerged as India's second largest military partner while India has built a strong strategic partnership with a country  of their convergence of views on a range of international issues apart from a close and growing bilateral relationship with the United States .
The Indo us civilian nuclear agreement signed and implemented in 2008 in Manmohan Singh government highlighted the growing relationship of Indo American relations . India's foreign policy has always regarded the concept of neighbourhood first as one of the winding constant circles around a central axis of left historical and cultural community that guiding principle of India's foreign policy have been founded on panchsheel, pragmatism and pursuit of national interest in a period of rapid And counting change and policy must be capable of responding to new challenges and opportunities . It must be an integral part of a larger effort of building the lessons capabilities through economic development strengthening in social fabric and well-being of people and protecting India's sovereignty and territorial integrity . India's foreign policy is a forward-looking judgement with the rest of the world based on a rigorous, realistic and contemporary assessment of of the bilateral regional and global jio political and economic miliu you as many as 31 million as on 2018 role of indian foreign policy has been to ensure their welfare and wellbeing within the framework of the laws of country where the live .

Just for reading .

Till 2000 India is the one of the most dominating country in Indo Pacific region but after 2000 China's economic growth rate new head of Indian GDP growth rate and suddenly China came into the picture and from domination of South China sea China slowly coming towards Indo Pacific region the mouthpiece of Chinese government that is global times never post or right word like Indo Pacific region they always use Asia Pacific region .even us and other Western countries also called this reason indo-pacific region but due to some reasons of China's personal beneficiaries and ego dominance in whose reason did not make China except the Indian dominance in Indian ocean .
China never speak  the term Indo Pacific Ocean at any international meetings or never include the word indo-pacific region in any report aur legal procedure at United national .

unemployment in India

 Unemployment in India - 

India may be the fastest growing major economy in world but that may nind little to the country's 130 crore people many of whom continue to struggle to find the right kinds of job for them .
Modi promised 2 crore job per year in 2014 campaign but failed to deliver and even though employment rate goes in negative first time in history. 
which economic crisis Modi government completely failed to introduce new employment opportunity in both government and private sector and due to privatisation of many sectors the government job opportunities are subsequently decrease day by day .

Unemployment rate in India

23.7 percent,in March 2020,
Highest science independence .

Present unemployment rate is 7 percent. 
Unemployment rate in India is one of the highest in word. 
The novel covid-19 is also a reason for this but if we see Graff closely then we find that before covid-19 introduced in India the unemployment rate was 8.8 percent .

It denotes the complete failure of Modi govt to retain jober and job places or failed to generate employment as per need . 

Unemployed rate in India 2020

11 persent

Unemployment rate in 2019

7.7 persent
Modi government approved complete failure to introducing new employment in the 2014 campaign Modi announced that they will generate around 2 crore job per year according to data till 2020 8 years after there will be around 16 crore jobs available India but it is totally negative at the place of increasing the job opportunities Modi government led to an economic crisis and number of job are decreasing day by day .

Seasonal Unemployment

Seasonal unemployment was a big concern of independent India. 
Seasonal Unemployment is a part time Unemployment , it means that for a special time period person have work to do and rest of year he have no substitutes,and he have to stay vacant. 

For an example most of the farmers in Rajasthan hello just only one crop just for not having sustainable amount of water for farming .
So I have to stay vacant invest at months of the year and he is called seasonally unemployed.

If we take a second example a brick maker have to work just only e 5 to 6 months in a year because in the time of rainy season they haven't work to do and there at the time they haven't work to do do they are called seasonally unemployed.   

Demonetisation in India

 Demonetisation In India-

Demonetisation date

8 November,2016

Demonetisation in India is announced on late night of 8th November 2016. 

Demonetisation meaning

Demonetisation is an economic process in which currency of a country  is no longer legal tender or being unuseful. A currency unit is what we would commonly refer to banknotes and coins.

Demonetisation meaning in hindi 

विमुद्रीकरण (अर्थात मुद्रा को असंवैधानिक घोषित करना) .

Demonetisation introduction

It have completed almost four years and no good effect of demonetisation in India ,have seen on our economy but the black effects of demonetisation have clearly seen the economy have polished after such decisions at demonetisation and quality GST being introduced in our system. 


Effects of demonetisation

demonetisation is proved one of the wrost work done by present Indian government that is laid by Mr Narendra Modi .
There is no positive is being seen out of demonetisation.
Demonetisation is total waste of time money and employment.people have to spend how was of their precious time in being in lines to get exchange there are notes two old one to new one . Demonetisation have provided drastic effect on our economy as economy have polished after too many experiments with our economic system by the present government. 

Demonetisation advantage and disadvantage .

There is not many if and buts if we say demonetisation have fewer advantage and many  disadvantage . As the demonetisation Moto the black money to to be captured. There is no black money captured from big fishes only the small pieces is catch them in this net and the big personality of their country that have huge amount of black money are exchange there notes without any information to anyone. 

The demonetisation only targeted MSME and middle class people that are struggled enough to the whole process of monetization and they still voting for present Indian government .
at the time demonetisation announced most of the middle class peoples and lower class peoples that are the oral strength of Indian economic system are very happy with it they think that it will take out all the black money out of that big fishes and it will be very helpful and beneficial for the country but this is just their thoughts not the 5% of this happen in real .

Rbi report on demonetisation 

RBI report on demonetisation have proved  these All things right. 

Demonetisation around the world

There are many countries in world like iran ,venezuela ,and zimbabwe that implemented demonetisation previously . But all of these are underdeveloped countries that are facing economic inflation that time and nothing good happen with them after demonetisation .
But A Country like India with huge population around 130 Billions , And having a huge economy and workforce unable to sustain drastic attack on demonetisation on developing Indian economy .
And the GDP growth rate decreased subsequently .

Demonetisation benefits

There are no benefit of demonetisation, and it is not my personal view it is proved by government records .You can see the records in many memes on social media websites.

After Demonetisation

After demonetisation Indian economy have to face a huge step back and left behind from most of the competitive countries .Economic or GDP growth rate is damaged heavily and the Modi lead govt also try to fluctuate the manner of calculating gdp. 
Their are many pros and cons of demonetisation we provided in this article. 

This article on demonetisation will be very helpful for you. 

We have provided all latest news about demonetisation.

Date of demonetisation in India

8 Nov, 2016
Time , at late night. 

Demonetization In India-

Demonetization date

8 November,2016

Demonetization in India is announced on late night of 8th November 2016. 

Demonetization meaning

Demonetization is an economic process in which currency of a country  is no longer legal tender or being unusefull. A currency unit is what we would commonly refer to banknotes and coins.

Demonetization meaning in hindi 

विमुद्रीकरण (अर्थात मुद्रा को असंवैधानिक घोषित करना) .

Petrol price hike

Petrol Price Hike In India
Petrol price hike

If you read complete article then you will get all about petrol and diesel price mechanism. 

In many areas of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh the price of petrol has accident inr 100 per litre. In many other cities it is near the range of inr 90/ litre . 

Which factors decide petrol prices

1 . In today's time the government in our country uses the dynamic pricing system to decide the price of petrol and diesel .
2 . The way crude oil prices fluctuate in the global market similarly petrol price rises fluctuate in country .

So ,you can say it is deregulated that it is to say the government is not directly controlling the price of petrol. Rather the global market is controlling what should be the price of petrol. 

By hearing this a lot of questions will come up in your mind I will answer those question letter. 
But historically it wasn't always so. 
Before 2010 the government reserve right to decide petrol prices so government have pressure to keep petrol prices down by various organisations but in 2010 Manmohan Singh government make an amendment and decided to leave petrol prices change on global market and in 2014 Modi government also make diesel prices dependent on global market .
Till 2017 the government should give a price for 15 days period and after 15 days according to global market new rate of petrol is announced. 
but by this people get known before 15 days that if is petrol price is going to increase or decrease so they by control in stock before 15 days. 
so in 2017 government decided that petrol prices are a variable that change it every day in every morning at 6 a.m. according to global market .
Many changes happened, first was that whatever small change happens in the global crude oil will impact the consumers and dealers be its profit or loss. 

So this is the story today,like you already know crude oil is the raw material for both petrol and diesel. In India about 84% petroleum products are imported. 

Global crude oil price has been going up since the last few weeks .Due to this reason prices in India are going up .
You might ask me one question here if the petrol price depend on the price of crude oil then when crude oil prices slipped into negative, why didn't the price of petrol fall down for us?

If you ask me this then it is quite a good question,
because in reality the government keeps saying again and again that all of its is regulated And everything depends on global crude oil prices .
But in reality, the government controls these prices through taxation. 
when prices slip into negative for crude oil then the government increase its taxes.

 Recently the government has increased the central excise duty by INR 13 per litre and INR 16 for litre on petrol and diesel respectively .

Many states have also increased the VAT (value added tax) on them. So this is a type of one sided regulation by government. 
When crude oil prices go up then for you petrol prices go up and you pay more . But when crude oil prices come down the government increased the taxation and you have to pay more again .

Foreign example ,we consider the  price of petrol in Delhi, on February 16th you're paying INR 89.29/litre now out of this the best price is inr 31/ litre approximately. 
The central government text I excise duty  is even higher than the base price at INR 32/litre .

The taxes by State government VAT stands at around INR 20/litre. 
after this if you include freight charges and dealer commission the price would reach around INR  89.29/litre. 
Delhi respectively still have a lower price if you compare other cities .in many areas of many cities this price have crossed the INR 100 liter because state governments are charging more in taxes .

If you want to understand their break down then you can look at table on home page  and know how much tax is charged in which state and how it is calculated. 

If you compare from before most state governments have not increased the text that much. They have increased around 5 to 10 per litre. 

But the biggest fault is of the central government who have increased their texts by INR 13 to 15 per litre within a year .

In the beginning of 2020 the central government excise duty was just INR 20 per litre. In today's time it is about to touch INR 33 litre .
that is to say the central government have increased text by INR 13 per litre on petrol within a year . and if you compare this number from 2014 then this text cause to be INR 10-11 /litre in 2014.
When the Modi government came to power with his promise that they would and the exploitation in the name of petrol diesel prices .
seven years after coming to power they have increased the tax on petrol and diesel three times .
it means the petrol and diesel price  exchange are increased by 3 times. 

More taxes than 3 times .

From INR 11 per litre it is about to touch INR 33 per litre .
what is surprising is that a Modi even today even after remaining in power for 7 years blames Congress petrol price goes up.

They says that petrol price rising in congress fault and you are paying so much for petrol. 
If you compare the price of petrol with the rest of the world then you will get to know how expensive they are in India. 
but it is not even the case that India is the place where petrol it most expensive .there are many other countries where petrol is must dearer than at Japan where  is at INR 94 per litre .
there are many other countries where petrol is must wear such as Japan where it is inr 94 per litre. 
South Korea INR 96 per litre Germany INR 119 per litre France INR 126 per litre and Hong Kong where it is most expensive it is inr 173 per litre .
But remember one thing friends that in all these developed countries the salary of people is much more as well 
In Germany on an average an individual as INR 223 lakh per month end in India a common individual and INR 20-30k per month. 

In Germany people have an average income 10 times of India so people have that kind of purchasing power as well. 
but you are there only going a little bit more  around 10% for petrol. 
So if you look at this through this logic then in India people are paying 10 times more as per their income. 

One question still remains to be answered why crude oil prices going up since the last few months?

The answer to this question is quite simple basic economics says that whenever the demand for something goes up for the supply of it falls then its price will go up .
When the demand falls and supply increases then its price will go down. 

The same thing is happening with crude oil when the lockdown was imposed in entire world due to covid-19 the demand for oil went down because aeroplanes were not flying,and vehicles are not plying on the roads because the demand fell down and supply remained the same before the price lived into negative .
now as more people are getting vaccinated and lockdown is eating out the economy is coming back on track the demand is going up. 
This is the reason price of crude oil is going up. 

Many oil producing countries have a group as well known as opaque which also control things from the supply side as well. 
I have explained the entire mechanism in this blog. 
you can understand in detail you can find the link on our homepage .

In many areas of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh the price of petrol has accident inr 100 per litre. In many other cities it is near the range of inr 90/ litre .

But you need not panic ,this is not bad news, in fact it is good news

Because acche din a gaye hain😂😂. if this would have happened before 2014 then it could have called it a bad news. Then you could have said that it's put a lot of pressure on common man ,Prices have increased a lot' . But after 2014 this is deemed as a nationalist decision .rising petrol price means that more of your money is going to the government and you are building the nation😂😂😂 .

That's is to say that more of your money will be used to build the nation😂.

widen your chest and say it with pride that I am buying INR hundred per litre petrol for the sake of nation building. 

Yemen crisis-yemen news

Yemen  crisis 

There are a various organisation working across the world for helping the poor, women, child and the helpless. But no one in this world is ready to think or help Yemen....where is humanity 😏😏?

About Yemen!!!
Yemen is a middle east country officially known as the Republic of Yemen having roughly 3 cr population. Currently, Yemen is facing the worst humanitarian crisis.  Most of the population of Yemen is not able to earn a two-time meal. Children's of Yemen are having malnutrition problem and CZ of that child died before getting 5 yr of age .women of Yemen are not having proper care and nutrition during their pregnancy. And education is totally hampered in Yemen. People lost their home. Have a look to know more about the current [email protected]@@👩‍✈️

Past of Yemen/reasons behind this worst humanitarian crisis of planet!
During ancient time Yemen was the heart of ancient Arabia. Now it becomes the poorest country in the middle east. And in the last five yes it's been torn apart by war. local People and groups are fighting with each other continuously while a Saudi led coalition bombs from above. and at current millions of people desperately struggling to survive. So how and why things get bad?? and is there any way to come out of this situation. 

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1. Demonetisation A Complete Failure

Ali Abdullah Saleh(former president of Yemen)

He was Yemen president for 20 years since the 1990s. This is the man who once compared ruling over Yemen to 'dancing on the heads of snakes'.it is no wonder that during the Arab spring of 2011 Yemenis rose up against Saleh. In the hope that things might get better. but they didn't and this is where the next big player comes in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the most influential members of a club of countries known as the gulf cooperation council. And it was the GCC that oversaw negotiations to finally force Saleh out. The GCC's deal helped in installing a new government in Yemen. And vice president abd-rabbi Mansoor Hadi in charge. Yemen continue to suffer under President Hadi after the revolution.  The initiative that had come out of the revolution was broken by gulf powers who simply appeared to return the same old elites to power.

So by 2014 some of Yemen's functions began to lose patience. One of them was the houses another major player in this war. Now the houses are a Shia Muslim minority from northern Yemen. They say they've been marginalised and often rebelled against the government.
And during the Arab spring, they were very involved in the uprising against Saleh. But here's the twist: the Houthis and Saleh were both sidelined by the GCC's plans for the Yemenis new government. So the former enemies joined forces. The Houthis, together with some of Saleh's allies still in the army took over Yemen's capital in Santa in 2014. Hadi fled to Saudi Arabia and then the Saudis along with several other countries formed a coalition to return their man Hadi to power. and Saudi Arabia expressed three main war aims: It wanted to restore the government of the president of Hadi.
It wanted to protect and prevent from fragmenting.
And it wanted to contain the perceived growing influence of Iran in this region.

Saudi-led intervention:

It was a campaign of relentless airstrikes. More than 19000 attacks in the last 5 yr according to the latest reports. Saudi -led forces say they have been targeting the enemy but rights group accuse the coalition of bombing dozens of hospitals and schools killing thousands of Yemeni civilians. This brings us to Yemen's immense humanitarian crisis.
 Way forward various countries are having the strength and capabilities to enhance the livelihood of Yemenis. All countries are afraid to invest in Yemen because there is no future growth or prosperity in this country.
But in this time instead of forgetting profits world should stand with Yemenis. Help them directly or indirectly, contributing one single pie by everyone can stand Yemenis on their own foot again. Millionaire should start MSME's so can they can earn a two-time meal for their family.🤲

narendra modi wife

 Narendra Modi wife

Jashodaben Narendra Modi Jashodaben Chimanlal Modi-  

Born in -January ,1952

Profession- Retired school teacher

Suppose- Narendra Modi

Salary- 14000(230$)

Demonetisation wrost decision by modi

She is a retired Indian school teacher and estranged wife of Narendra Modi  . Their traditional child marrige  was held in Vadnagar by their respective families. They was married around 1963( not confirmed),  when she was about 12 and Modi was about 14 years old.  Her husband never fully accepted their child marriage  and abandoned his parental house shortly after their marriage. In his later life, he did not acknowledge his marriage until he was legally required to do in 2014 during a campaign by political pressure . Jashodaben lives a simple life is retired from teacher post.

Jashodaben full name is Jashodaben Chamnalal Modi. Her mother left her alone after only 2 year of her birth. 

Narendra Modi and Jashodaben had arrange marriged in the custom of the caste of Vadnagar starting with a family-arranged vivah in their very early childhood. According to Narendra Modi's brother, the both had underwent shaadi(marriage), the religious ceremony held  when Narendra Modi was about 13 and Jashodaben was about 11 and both are child.

Modi left his family at age 18 for in go to Himalayas. After about two years of canvas , Modi returned to home in vadnagar and meet his family. He  made plans to go to Ahmedabad to work at his uncle canteen .so he is called chaiwalaby some peoples. At Modi's mother's insistence jasodaben also ready to live in their traditional and in laws house as gujarati tradition and to make effort to save their marriage.

But ideally Modi never accepted their marriage and suggest and promote

her to continue in her studies.

Narendra Modi wife interview in 2014

He told me one time that He will keep travelling across the entire India for political reasons and will you go  where I go ; what will you do by following me?"You Will gain nothing by this When I came to Vadnagar to live with his family and him, he told me "why did you come to your in-laws' house to live here.  when you are still so young and intelligent, you must instead focus on pursuing your further studies". 

I made my decision to leave this relation and there was never any conflict . He never spoke to me about the political visions. When he told me he would be moving around the country in his career .As he wished, I told him I would like to be with him. Many Times when I went to my in-laws' place, he was not  present and he stopped coming there. He used to spend a lot of time in RSS Politics . So I too stopped going there after a time and I went back to my father's house.

Jashodaben told that she lived a total of  3 months with her husband in  three-year period before their final separation.

Jashodaben continued with her professional life, completed her SECONDRY or 12th in 1972 or 1974,completed teacher's training in 1976 and becoming a teacher in 1978. From 1978 to 1990, she taught .  in banaskantha district of gujarat. 

 In 1991 she moved to Rajosana village in Gujarat for her duty and remains there.She is retired and her pension is 14,000 (US$200) per month. One reporter said that her too low salary as a pm wife would have made much of his life a hardship for her. Talking about her close relations with our honorable Prime minister Narendra Modi, in an interview by inbais Jashodaben replied "We have never been in touch with... There was no response from his side till this date." In an  interview Jashodaben said that until 1987, she and Modi spoke "normally".Jashodaben lives with her brother Ashok and his wife in Unjha

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Rumours had  been circulating and got viral that Modi was actually married. In 1992, Jashodaben denied to be interviewed by the newspaper inbais(changed) when that publication want to present a story on their marriage .  A reporter of inbais , located Jashodaben modi in May 2002, but she and other people in her village  refused to speak to him and   she left the town. In 2009, it was reported by inbais that Modi's political enemies had found her teaching at a school and living in a one small room house  . Modi himself did not  deny that she was  married, although he did not forced acknowledge it either. Her marriage to Modi was known to  common  in her mostly Muslim village where she live . She was r diligent and well liked as a teacher, especially among her Muslim students and whole village. When found by a reporter of inbais, she became very worried and nervous, saying only "I will not say anything against my husband(Narendra Modi). He is very powerful and almighty. This job is all I have to survive in my life. I am afraid of the all the consequences."

When required to fill out forms of state election on Which he have to submit jasodaben name, Modi was leaving the spousal information section either blank or just marked with a dash – including in 4 state assembly elections in 2001, 2002, 2007 and 2012. In most of the political rallies he had declared that he was single and Follower of celibacy .

In the 2014 general election, Modi is a contestent for the Vadodara seat in the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the parliament of India.  Modi was must  required to declare any previous marriage definitely. Following a legal suggestion to "come clean" about this issue, for the first time in front of public and media, Modi accepted that he had a wife in form of Jasodaben. 

Sombhai Modi, who is Narendra Modi's brother, given a statement telling that the arrange marriage between them had been forced on Narendra Modi by his entire family. He said that the marriage was never accepted, and that Modi left it soon after it was good. His brother also said that Modi had been very much inspired by the teachings of the great swami vivekanand to later for whole society.

Before Modi officially accepted his marriage with Jasodaben, a gaggle of activists and security professionals make a gathering with Jashodaben at her range in Gujarat. They offered to require her on the Char dham pilgrimage, which was a visit she wants to require from while . During the trip to chardham, they took her to the Ashram of Swami baba Ramdev situated in Rishikesh , Uttrakhand . Journalists asked Jashodaben for say something on the news of the wedding , but her family said them to return home soon.

In the election, Modi's political opponents and other parties criticised his facts about his marriage in official documents. Nishant Varma, a citizen of Ahmedabad, Gujarat , filed criminal charges against Narendra Modi for having did not accept his legal wife and said previous election documents are against prescribed rules of the Representation of the People Act. The of Narendra Modi case is subjected to revision within the supreme court of India. The lower court denied to pronounce Modi guilty of criminal offense under this Act.

In summer 2014, congress party politician Ajay Rai filed a lawsuit to be heard by the Allahabad (Prayagraj) supreme court complaining, among other things, that Modi didn't give the permanent account number of Jashodaben.

In February 2014, a reporter for Inbais interviewed her.[7]

It was reported in April 2014 that she doesn't speak ill of her husband, and doesn't tolerate when others do so.

In May 2014, Inbais interviewed her on video.

In June 2014, as her first public event, Jashodaben attended the general public funeral of some politicians.

Jashodaben said that she wasn't invited to the swearing in ceremony of Current Prime minister Narendra Modi, but had she been invited, she would have gone definitely . I wish to be with him. If he called me, i'm wanting to start a replacement life with him and happy to measure with him. But it's to be he who calls me she said in 2014.

In November 2014, she made her first trip to Mumbai, where she prayed for her husband at the महालक्ष्मी टेंपल Mahalakshmi temple and therefore the Siddivinayak temple

In December 2014, a writer for Pakistani press agency said that not many newspapers have had the courage to report the troubles which Jashodaben has experienced.

In February 2015, Jashodaben hosted some Christian missionaries who invited her to hitch their mission to assist many destitute and helpless Hindus by teaching Gita and Ramayana to them. In June 2015, Jashodaben was scheduled to talk at a conference on politics organized by supporters of Modi. Event organizers reported that the conference was pack up on the second day of the week-long program on the direction of the BJP leader Amit Shah et al. . No reason was given for cancelling the conference, but people attending claimed Jashodaben's presence because the cause.

In November 2015, Jashodaben applied for a passport so as to go to relatives and friends overseas. As she was unable to supply a wedding certificate or a joint affidavit from her husband, the appliance was rejected by the regional passport office as "incomplete". Her brother Ashok stated that a legal option was being considered.

The separation of Jashodaben and Modi has been discussed within the context of a broader trend in India that politicians may have more success if they're known for not having ties to a spouse.The RSS, which provides Modi political support, values celibacy in its senior leadership but contrarian tones are noted.

Many Congress party politicians have criticised Modi's treatment of the estrangement of his wife.

I am surrounded by five security guards all the time. Often my relatives or I even have to cook for them, my sister-in-law has got to make their beds. this is often a touch annoying... You see, it gets really chaotic once I need to travel, because i exploit conveyance and therefore the guards are following me in an air-conditioned car.

Jashodaben, to reporter, November 2014

From May 2014, police from the Mehsana district began providing continual police protection for Jashodaben. the safety agent team following her was assigned as a response to the special protection group Act, which says that the supouse of the prime minister of India should receive police protection. The salary and allowance of ministry act describes other benefits which are typically given to spouses of prime ministers.

In November 2014, Jashodaben filed a right to information act (RTI) request seeking details about her security and rights because the spouse of the prime minister. Various media organizations in India reported the RTI in several ways, including emphasizing Jashodaben's fear, the financial implications of her complaint, the guards' demands to be treated as guests, or the case as an example of female independence. Jashodaben has said that her security guards have refused to point out any identification or to mention on whose orders they need been assigned to her, and have suggested she refrain from talking with the media. The Gulf news reported that her security guards are primarily together with her to conduct surveillance on her. Jashodaben's family has complained that her guards don't carry any identity cards, refuse to spot themselves, and refuse to call the person or office supervising them.

In December, the intelligence denied her request for information about orders, saying that the law had an exemption which applies during this case. Jashodaben uses the name "Jashodaben Narendrabhai Modi", which is her married name. The letter was addressed to "Jashodaben, daughter of Chimanlal Modi" (her father's name). At the top of December 2014, Jashodaben filed an appeal to the refusal. additionally to the appeal, Jashodaben complained that the govt officers changed her name from "Jashodaben Narendrabhai Modi" to her surname "Jashodaben Chimanlal Modi". Doordarshan, India's public television broadcaster, presented Jashodaben on television 1 January 2015 to listen to her comments on the difficulty . As a results of this broadcast, the ministry of data and Broadcasting chastised staff at Doordashan and transferred the director of the printed from Ahmedabad to portblair 2,500 km away. On 6 February Jashodaben's request was again denied, and again addressed to "Jashodaben, Chimanlal Modi's daughter".

In May 2015, Jashodaben filed a 3rd request for the knowledge about the safety detail and their orders. She also complained that she had completed the forms using her legal name, "Jashodaben Narendrabhai Modi", but the govt office replied to her using her surname . In response to the filing, a government representative said, "If they're still not satisfied by the knowledge given by the primary appellate authority, they will file the second appeal at the Gujarat Information Commission." In response to the RTI request, commentator on women's issues Shobha De called Jashodaben a "superhero" and "plucky", and said that her actions were "bold, blunt, and to the point".

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